Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Service and Dating..........

So this week Chet and I realized that we were spending more time together. We have always had kids around us. Dates were few and we had to find the time just to have adult conversation. We really didn't want to be empty nester's. But we like having time for us again. We know we will be OK without kids in the house. We can spend time together and not be bored. A new chapter for Chet and Wendy. Kind of weird because I don't feel like I should be here yet!! Service......a great word! Chrys as you can see is excited for his friend Francis to get out of jail and come home. So he has the youth helping them fix his yard up. Awesome!! Sometime service is as simple as baking a cake or making someones bed. Sometimes it's bigger like sitting by a bed side or taking kids for a day. There is no service too small. For Chrys........his Mission is his service. What a great example. There are many who show what true service is around me. I was able to clean the cannery side by side with Chet. Was it hard.....yes......but it was so worth it!! Service is one of the hardest things to do, but it is so worth it!!!!

Dear Family,
Lauren is engaged now? Wow! Congrats!! James is growing up, man! That is crazy. Talking to girls too?? Oh that is just not right ha ha. I am glad you and dad get time together! Ha ha it's like dating again thats awesome. And i also understand Nathan's and James' take on it all ha ha gross. Elder Rawlings! Ok i will be looking out for him! He is going to love Ohio. It's so awesome here. It's a very Christian state. It's nice!
I don't have a whole lot of time so i will speed through this. :)
Francis will be home friday! So excited! Since he has left his yard has really gotten out of control, so on sunday i went to the young men's leader and set up a service project for them to do! We're all meeting tonight and we're going to whip it into shape for him! Oh man, i have really missed that man. The ward is really looking forward to being involved with him!
Zone Conference was this past week. It ROCKED! President is the best. He pumps us up so much! Ha ha. I just wanted to get out and baptise after that! Ha ha.
Yes we went to the temple last thursday and i have to say, incredible! I LOVE the temple. I'm so grateful Brother Coulter was able to take us. It was exactly what we needed!
I cut my thumb up pretty good! With an X-ACTO knife. It's pretty deep, deep enough for stitches but it's too close to my nail. Man did that bleed a lot ha ha i got video of it too! Woo! It's funny. But then not ha ha. Those band-aids you sent me with are pretty good friends of mine at the moment.
We taught an investigator on sunday! But this is no normal investigator, she's been investigating for over a year and a half and even has a calling in our ward! It was so good though! Completely led by the spirit. She finally opened up to us and expressed her feelings and we know her concers now. We and the ward have been praying for her and to be able to find these things out. We're also fasting for her and everything. It was so awesome!
Let me just say, thank goodness for the Oxy Clean you guys sent me. Chocolate on a white shirt is evil ha ha.
Oh and we helped out a less active yesterday and he lets his cats go to the bathroom wherever they want, and oh my gosh. His ceiling collapsed in his basement and there was water everywhere mixed with all the urine in the carpet, so awful ha ha. We couldn't even breath! I love the awesome things that you experience out here ha ha. We had to throw all of our clothes in the wash afterwards.
Well i have to go now, but i love you all so much! Things are going well! We're working though the obstacles! The work is progressing.
The church is true! How great is my calling to bring this truth to others!! I love it!!
Have a great week my wonderful family.
-Elder Robinson

Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy Birthdays and Homecomings.........

This week finds the Robinson's with 2 awesome birthdays. Chet Michael the leader of the kids is celebrating his birthday today. I met him in October of 1984 when he was 6. Wow how time has flown by!! He is now a great father and he is a great son!! Happy Birthday Chet Michael!! Next we have Jackson Chelsie's youngest. He will celebrate his birthday this Friday. He has the most sweetest face that you just want to kiss!! He makes me just smile every time I think of him!! Happy Birthday Jackson!!!! It was a great week. We spent time with James at the aquarium and I touched everything with him. It was a great morning with just James. Then we took off Friday and went fishing. Ashlee and Nate came with us. I love the mountains!! I caught a stick....nice!! But it was so great just to be outside that I didn't care about the fish teasing me! Saturday Chet and I just spent the day together. How often does that happen?? Sunday was so awesome!! We got a new Stake Presidency and the meeting that went along with it was so uplifting I wanted it to keep going. But I had a homecoming to get to so I really wanted to get to Orem. CJ, Chrys' friend came home from Bulgaria and what a wonderful meeting that was too!! Lunch at the house after was so nice because seeing friends from the ward was great! I was so tired by time I went to bed I didn't have any trouble falling asleep!! I'm sure if you looked at me I must have been smiling!! Yes, I miss my kids and grand kids that are not with me.......but yesterday it made me so grateful that I have them and I love them soooooo much!!!!!!

Dear Family,
Sounds like a pretty exciting week! Tell CJ to email me! I haven't heard from him in a while. That's so crazy!! The new stake presidency!! Wow Chris wells and Corbridge! That's so awesome! And bishop! I mean President! Ha ha. Man that is cool!! Let me know who is the new bishop ya? :) Oh and no i did not get transferred, still here. Will be here 6 months! Which is a long time to be in one area just so you know ha ha but it's all good. I love this ward. All the Gordons are in my prayers!
I really don't have much time today so i have to be quick.
Tuesday night we were able to go on exchanges with a member to visit some less actives. We went to the Tidwells who are almost never home and if they are they are busy and can't talk, but not this night! We pulled up and they were already outside, so we started to talk with them and all sorts which was really good. But then the Tidwells brother who was in town for a few days walked out so i started talking to him about all sorts of things which eventually turned into me being prompted to teach him the restoration right then and there while my companion was talking to the Tidwells. So i did and it went so well! He actually asked for a Book of Mormon ha ha and i gave him one with your testimony in it! He was so nice and was talking about how bad he wanted to get reading the scriptures and get in touch with God again. It was so cool. I am so glad i could be there and be an instrument in the Lord's hand to bring the truth to him.
I was able to see Elder long on Tuesday as well! It was so cool. He had left some things in the apartment and was in the area for a meeting so he stopped by. He's a life-long friend. He's also training again! Ha ha. He trained then had a 5 week brake then back to training ha ha. He's the most solid missionary i know! It was awesome to be able to serve and learn from him.
We are having Zone Conference tomorrow! It may be where President will change up a bunch of things, we're pretty stoked! We do a lot of training there and have a lot of people speak to us.
I have to go now, but this week i am focusing on bearing my testimony. I do it a lot any way but i feel i should do it even more. I KNOW this church is true, i KNOW the Book of Mormon is true, i am so grateful for this privilege i have to serve!! It's amazing!!
I love you all SOOOOO much! Have a great week!!
-Elder Robinson

Monday, August 15, 2011

He holds us accountable..........

Isn't it nice when not only you but your children hold you accountable. It can be a good thing. It keeps you on your toes. But to hear it from your Missionary is a great thing. You always hope to hear it once from your kids. So I guess this is my once! Another week has gone by and I am still plugging away. Chrys' friend that he grew up with comes home tomorrow. That is awesome and hard at the same time. He is older than Chrys so he would be home before him and Chrys did go out when he was 20. It just will be hard to have CJ here without Chrys. Soon though, they will be both here. Next week Chrys will be out 5 months, that went by fast.....lets hope it goes by just as fast for the rest. I want him to have all the experiences he needs, but 2 years and 4 phone calls is a long time. Right Mom's!! I hope this week brings all of you happiness with your families!! I hope to have some fun time with James before school starts next week. That is if I can get him away from Wyatt! Happy end of the summer to everyone!! :]

Deaaaarrrr FaaaaMMiillyyyy,
So many things happening at home! That's crazy! Way to go Kyle!! I love hearing about all the people leaving to serve!! Drake is leaving already?? That is incredible. And crazy that CJ will be home tomorrow!! Holy moly! I can't imagine what he is feeling right now. Please do send pictures! I can't believe James is in the 8th grade. I won't believe it! Ha ha. What a good year that was for me. They're changing the stake presidency? Sad! Good luck to you all! Ha ha. Tell President Doman if you see him that i say hi. I love that man.
This past week went well, honestly, i don't remember what happened ha ha. There is a family that moved this past week to Provo, the Windsors. Jeff Windsor, is an amazing man. I have learned SO much from him!! Especially about temples! And Free Masons...ha ha yeah random. It was good to know though because it's a source of anti out here. It was actually really sad to say good bye and see him go. But he's in Provo! And is going to teach at BYU! Ha ha so i'm not too worried. I'm definitely going to look him up when i get home.
So there's another family out here that i love. The Peine's! Their son Adam, is the cutest kid! He is i think 5. Last week at church, Brother Peine came to me and was telling me how when he was dressing Adam he was telling him how he wanted to look like Elder Robinson. Ha ha! Then yesterday the daughter, Erin, told me she went to button Adam's jacket and he said, "No! I want to look like Elder Robinson! He never buttons his Jacket!" Ha ha ha isn't that the cutest?? I love it.
Transfers are this week. That came fast huh?! We are all pretty sure i will be leaving, but then again Elder Peirce has only been here for 5 weeks and still needs to know a lot more about the area so i could possibly stay longer. Probably just another transfer if i do. It would be really hard to leave this area though, i love the people here. They are so wonderful. We are having one last Nerf war before transfers! Today is going to ROCK! ha ha. We had one last week. They are too fun. Except i messed up my pinky about a month ago playing dodgeball and it still hurts. I'm hopin i can still kick butt! Ha ha.
I have had the opportunity to bare my tetimony to so many people this past week. It has been so awesome. I love it. We were able to sit in a temple prep class with an elder that is preparing to leave for Australia and his family at their home. How spiritual! I was able to bear my testimony to him on temples and how incredible they are. And how much i miss the temple ha ha. I should be going soon though. Any way the spirit there was just awesome.
Well i must be going now. I love you all SOOOO much! I have been listening to some John Bytheway lately and in one he talks about family, especially parents. Thank you mom and dad for raising me in this Gospel. You two are such amazing parents! What a blessing. I love you both so so so much. Thank you for everything you do for me and our family! One thing he mentioned is, my friends and family have molded me into who i am today, and i hold you completely accountable for that! Ha ha. It's true, i am who i am and i do what i do because of you! Thank you!
I love you ALL!
-Elder Robinson

Monday, August 8, 2011

Deeear Familyy..........helloooooooooooo

This week I was trying to think about what I wanted to write about. Nothing came to mind. Well actually something does, but I just don't like writing about it. I have been facing some challenges. As you get older it tends to happen. I am not a spring chicken anymore. But with prayer and listening for answers things are better. I am not laying on my bed crying and hugging my pillow. That is a good thing. I am not filling like my head is whirling around me 24-7. That is an awesome thing. I am not having headaches that brought on nausea. Thank goodness for that. It all came down to a leap of faith and prayers. Well and a change in medicine. Sometimes being stubborn is not a good thing. You can only stand your ground if you can get out of bed. I can get out of bed now. So I guess Chet has to deal with me being stubborn again. My family helped me to keep going and I am so grateful for that. Prayer helped me to keep going. When we get older we still learn. Yes, it is a fact. I hope that your week finds you with health, family and if you need it a little bit of stubbornness........because sometimes you just need it.

Deeear familyy,
Sounds like a pretty crazy week at home! I'm glad to hear all is well! Oh and let me say...i have not done the bump in the pool ha ha ha what does that even mean?? My dear mother...my dear dear tan mother.....you make me laugh. The Browns had their baby? Aw congrats! That's awesome! Oh and i don't really have much time today so could you tell Christian that i love him and to have an awesome birthday!
Another Good week here in Pickerington! The work is progressing. I honestly cannot remember what happened this past week ha ha it's all mushed together...hmm...we taught this awesome lade from Ghana that lives in Germany. It went very well! We're headed back tomorrow. She said she will have the entire Book of Mormon read by the next time we visit. Crazy huh. It was so cool though. I couldn't really understand what she was saying because she has such a heavy accent but i could really feel the spirit speaking to me and helping me understand what i needed to say. It's incredible how much the Lord is with his missionaries. I would never be able to do the things i do if it wasn't for Him.
President Nislen will probably be going on splits with us soon. He's been going with everyone around us but hasn't gotten to us yet. Pretty stoked! He is incredible. He does so much for us.
The ward is so involved with us right now! They are coming out with us almost every night and there isn't a night that we aren't being fed. Even the new families that just movied in last week have signed up for dinner! So cool. The bishop is trusting us with some major things right now and some big changes. We see him a few times a week. Less active members are really starting to come out and become involved in chruch and church activities. We have about 15 on our list right now.
We taught primary yesterday! 9 and 10 yr olds. It was SO fun! They didn't want us to leave ha ha. It reminded me of my kids at home. Oh man that was awesome. We teach every couple weeks. It's pretty much my favorite thing ha ha.
Well, i think that about covers it for this week. This upcoming week should be pretty amazing. I am loving it more and more each day i am out here! I love teaching about this gospel. The message we have to share is amazing. I love seeing the blessing that come from it. I love my Heavenly Father. I love the Book of Mormon. I love all of you!
Keep up the good work my family, have a great week!
-Elder Robinson

Monday, August 1, 2011

I Love Ohio!!!

Well this week the talks were on talents. Are we using them or do we know all the talents that we have or did we just let them fall away. That is a lot to think about. If you really want to keep your talent up you need to practice. Put in the time to make sure you are a good listener, a good cook, a good piano player. So what is your talent? Or what would you like your talent to be? Another list maybe? As you read this you will see Chrys is learning the Ukulele. I played the Ukulele for 2 years in the 5th and 6th grade. I even played it with the 6th grade teachers while everyone else sang in our concert. Do I still play it? No.......maybe a talent I need to revisit? Something to think about. So what are your talents and future talents?

Dear Family,
It's great to hear you all had a good week! I did too! ... I'm older than Ashlee?? Ha ha what the...that's cool i guess! Anyway, i bought a card reader this past week so i could send a few pictures with this email and i forgot it. Ha ha. Oops. Next week. I've got some good ones. I'm glad church was awesome! Strange about the confusion though, i'm glad that turned around quickly. Sacrament has become so special to me. It's pretty much the only time i have to relax and just worship. Ya know? To sit back, pray, renew my covenants, and listen to the speakers. I learn something new each Sunday. I love being involved in it also, they ask us to pass every once in a while because there are so few deacons. I love it. I want to bless this Sunday.
I gotta say, one thing i do love hearing about is my mama! It makes me so happy to see the Lord blessing you. Hooray on getting your life back!
26 years!! You guys are OLD!! Ha ha! Wow that is so wonderful :) Happy anniversary!
This past week was a good one. I love the package!! So many things! It took me a while to get through it all. I promptly put the tie on as soon as i opened it! Love it! Also the box it came in i am going to use for a lesson i share with members and less actives. It's called the faith-box. I glue a candy bar in the box and put a big ? on the top and talk about how they can find out what is in the box. By exercising their faith! Then relate it to the scriptures and how they become delicious to you as you read. It is pretty great. And the box is PERFECT! Thank you! I'm lovin all the letters! I saw the bag and was like, are all those letters?? Holy moly i'll never catch up! Ha ha.
This past week we did a ton of less-active work. It was great! Less actives are my favorite. I love sparking up their testimonies again and sharing with them mine. A lot of them have just forgotten or have been caught up in the world. I'm so blessed to be able to help them progress in this gospel again. Yesterday we had 2 investigators and 9 less actives at church!! It was awesome! They all enjoyed going! We did some service for one this morning and i can see the light growing in her again! She also bought us a present ha ha she is so awesome. We're also working on bringing her husband to church too. He's an Orthodox Jew. Such a cool guy! He's really coming around.
I can't remember if i mentioned this a few weeks ago but i had my first experience with poison ivy. A big forest of them. Ouch. Ha ha.
I'm becoming better at the Ukulele! I'm having more lessons today. I can now sit back and play a few chords and relax before i go to bed. It's so fun.
We had 2 dinners yesterday. Can you say...STUFFED.
We're working on a family right now, named the Rothes Wonderful family! The Husband is a member and recently went kind of less active but is coming around and the wife and daughter have been investigating the church for almost 2 years. We're really working hard on resolving the anti she has got from family and help her feel the spirit so she will be baptized! We were over last night and played some games with them. Ah i love them!
I love Ohio! My testimony of me being sent here for a reason has grown so much. This is where the Lord wants me to serve in his vinyard, and i will the very best i can. I love serving these wonderful people. I love this gospel. I love the scriptures. I love all of you!!! Continue to be awesome.