Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I need to post before I forget!!

     This week is the wedding of our middle son Nate. So I thought I better post before I forget! He is finally doing it! I mean he is 25 years old haha! It just took him a little longer to find sweet Ashlee! We are so happy for them! We want them to start their life out with family and friends around them. Giving them the love that they need to start on their life together. I am ready for Nate to leave my house and move to Ogden , but I also know that I will miss him. It's always the Mommy's heart that gets you! I love that Ashlee is so understanding and loving with Nate. I love that Nate loves Ashlee with all his heart. Now I am crying, dang! It must be the music in the background and the sweet picture on the screen in front of me! Well bring on the madness!!! Saturday is the day and it is going to be great!!! I love you Ashlee and Nate!!!  <3


Heeyyy how's it goin? Good? Good. I could end it there but i won't. NATE AND ASHLEE ARE GETTING MARRIED!!!!! Holy moly how weird! Ha ha. Gosh that is so awesome!! I am excited! It seems like it is all coming together though which is good!! It'll be awesome to have the whole family there. You should get a cardboard cut out of me ha ha nahh. Franco is going on a mission?! Dang that is so sweet! Way to be! Heyy you need to be keepin an eye out on that there Jamesy now, there will be no dancing in that house! Eh what am i kiddin. That's ALL we did in that house.

So, basically it was an AWESOME week. But what's new? Being on a mission is seriously the best thing ever. I LOVE IT! There wasn't a whole lot of exciting things that happened, but that really doesn't matter. Just being out here rocks. Especially when you get to meet with a living Apostle!!!!!! WHAAHH? That's right! This Saturday, Elder Bednar. There's definitely an excitement in the mission. Ha ha. We have 2 talks he's given the mission to study on faith and they are amazing. It is definitely inspired that he will be training us on it. Last week was one of the best weeks we've had in the mission! President sent out a voice mail about all that happened and it is just amazing to see all of these amazing things going on. An Amish family was baptized!! They began investigating and they fasted and prayed for 3 days to know the truth. President went up and taught them himself! And they know it's true. All of it. I love being out here. Hearing of all the many miracles that are happening. Just as of old. The work of the Lord rolls forth!!

Conrad was kicked out Wednesday night. Things blew up with his dad, but he's now in a better more positive home. He's been living with some members close by and is still planning on serving which is so good. We've been visiting him almost every day letting him know we love him and are here for him. He's taking it all pretty well, but is still having a pretty hard time with basically his whole family being against him. He has so much support though. We were able to attend a ward counsel meeting yesterday and the bishop brought up Conrad and when he did everybody jumped in to give support. I love this ward. But Conrad is doing well. He has a lot of people that love him here, and we're definitely seeing blessing coming to him even in this rough time.

We found a few new people to teach this past week, oh man it has been so fun. We taught Felix on Wednesday which was so sweet. He is so smart, we'd ask him a question and he would answer it perfectly. Every one of them!! That's a first. Mike is another one. He is less committal but is still so awesome. He has a lot of the same beliefs but says "I'll find it some day." meaning the truth. Which drove me to ask "Why can't you find it now?" Still so non committal. It is interesting to me that people want to find the truth but aren't willing to do the work. But you see that a lot on a mission. It's all about them and how prepared they are i guess. And of course on us. What a responsibility a missionary has.

There's a guy talking to the computer next to me. He's saying stuff like...i can smell you better find me an answer for me...or suffer the consequences...and a lot of other nonsensical words....i love the library. Ha ha. Oop and another guy talking about his stupid..nephew? I dunno.

Well, it's time to head back to the work. I love you family! Being a missionary is awesome!!!! I love Ohio. It's definitely the place for me. Although the weather is nuts ha ha. It's 60 degrees right now! Woo! Anyway. I loovvveee yooouuu. Have fun at the wedding!!!! OJHLIGLUFGLKHLKLKLKI! That's my excitement.

The Church is true!

-Elder Robinson

Saturday, February 25, 2012

I'm running out of time........but family is coming!!!

     I am running out of time, but the family is coming!! I am so excited for those who can make it this week. It's all the little details that are going to drive me crazy!! So sorry peeps I am just going to let the Elder do the talking this week!!! Have a good one!!   :]

Dear family,

Sounds like it's been a great week, a busy one! Oh James and the girls...i got an email from him about that. Gosh he makes me laugh. I've been hearing a lot about the missionary moms thing lately, that is so cool! Yeah i know all those Elders ha ha, i sat next to Elder Roberts on the plane ride from Detroit to Columbus. He's a great elder.

So.....i don't really know what to say this week. Ha ha. It's been a pretty hard week, but it's been so great. We dropped all our investigators but Alex and Cody. Cody we only meet with every other week so really we only have one solid investigator that we are meeting with weekly. Our teaching pool is so empty. We're knocking on so many doors, which if you didn't know, isn't very effective most times. You do find people to teach sometimes, but lately we haven't found any. We're working on really building up the ward and getting them more involved. We are meeting with the bishop this week to come up with a bunch of ideas for the ward. It's almost like we had to start over. It's crazy how different each transfer is. Last transfer we had a big teaching pool, full of great people who were progressing, and this one we had to start new and find new people.

BIG news.......Linda got her patriarchal blessing!!!!! We haven't been able to talk with her about it yet but we will be calling her today. She is doing so well. Still working towards the Temple!! I love seeing people progress in the Gospel after baptism. It is so amazing.

Oh and speaking of patriarchs..we have a set of tapes of the October 1978 General Conference that i've been listening to and in the sustaining of the offices...they announced Eldred's name. I was like, wait WOA! Ha ha.

I had an atheist yell at me the other day that God is an old miserable man that doesn't care about anyone or anything. It brought tears to my eyes because i knew he is the complete opposite. It was so sad. He didn't even give us a chance to tell him who we were before he stormed off. It made me really think about the many ways Heavenly Father shows his love for us. This came to mind, He does nothing save it be for the benefit of the world. HE LOVES US. I am grateful i know this. So grateful.

More BIG news.......ELDER BEDNAR is is coming to the mission on the 3rd!!!! Holy moly, We are all so excited. It was a kind of last minute thing, he was coming for a stake conference in Cincinnati so President called and asked if he could meet with all the missionaries and offered Cafe Rio and all sorts if he did. Ha ha they said, "i can see that you're interested." ha ha. It is going to be just so awesome.

Well my family. I know this church is true. I KNOW that Heavenly Father lives and loves us. And i encourage you to step back and take a look at all the many ways he shows that love. I am so grateful to have such a loving Heavenly Father, who knows everything and is perfect in every single way, to watch over me and the ones i love. I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon. I am so grateful for the guidance of the Holy Ghost. I'm grateful for the feeling the spirit brings that satan cannot- Peace. I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I LOVE being a missionary.

Until next week my family. Have a great week! I love you!!!!

-Elder Robinson

Saturday, February 18, 2012

I am a Happy Woman......

     Well Chet came back and I am a happy woman!! James, Nate, Ashlee, Scruffy and Lucky are here to bug me too. The house got too messy, but that can be taken care of. But I am a happy woman because my Hunny is back!! I still miss my Kids and Grandkids that aren't here. I think that's what I want my super power to be. Travel where I want when I want in a wink of an eye. That would be cool!!

Dear family,

HEYO! What be happenin?? I gotta say, i laughed pretty hard at the "where did you leave grandma?" comment ha ha ha and then i shared it with Elder Lamm. I love my goofy family. Crazy that dad is so close. I guess it could be worse, Elder Riggs' dad came through Xenia while he served here ha just here on a business trip though that happened to be through Xenia.

Wellll it's been a great week! We're definitely working hard. We found a couple of new people to teach this past week. They were some names some members gave us. It was great! Jim and Carol. They have had a pretty rough time lately, they adopted 2 kids from Russia that have fatal alcohol syndrome. They have such a strong faith in Christ though!! The first meeting we didn't really get to teach like the 1st lesson but we did get to talk a lot about Christ! Testifying of Christ is my most favorite thing to do. And that's basically all we did. It was so amazing i love it. The spirit was for sure there. Too bad they dropped us after our 2nd visit ha ha! It's alright though it was probably the nicest drop I've received. They live by some members to and they are really good friends with them. So on to the next family to teach!

Woa i just saw a guy that looked like Christian Griffin. That was weird. I about had a heart attack. How is that guy anyway?!

On Wednesday we all went to Chipotle for lunch with out Zone, so like 12 missionaries, and there was a super nice worker there that paid for all of our food!!! So after that we sang our food song. It's our version of the army of Helaman but put in a way to thank them for the food. So we sing the first verse and then the chorus and then instead of, "to bring the world his truth!" it's, "We thank you for the food!" It was so cool! 12 missionaries right there in the middle of the restaurant singing this. I will never forget it. Everyone cheered after too. It was just awesome.

We're focusing this week on weeding out our teaching pool with the people who aren't progressing. I hate when this happens. You get to teach these amazing people until they don't keep their commitments. It's sad. It's like, do this and we'll still be friends! :) but if not then we can't :( but obviously it's more than that...ha. But it stinks because you love these people and desire their success! It's a showing of faith though, we've given them that opportunity now it's time to move on and find the people who need us. Missionary work is a crazy thing, you are constantly meeting new people and having to remember so many names ha ha but you are also testifying to so many strangers that turn into friends and then brothers and sisters in the gospel. The process is unlike any other. You can't experience these things on the other side, the only time you have this opportunity to teach and testify as a set apart servant of the Lord is when you are on a mission! When you are out knocking and talking with people about their Savior! Teaching, testifying and baptizing! It is sooooo amazing! Serving a mission is the greatest thing ever...and i don't want to come home. Ha ha :)

Well, i best be off! We get a full P-day today yaaaaay! I hope your week goes so well, remember who you are! Sons and Daughters of the Almighty God! I've got the bestest family in the whole wide world! I love you all so much! Oh ya, it's Valentines day tomorrow ha haa well....Happy Valentines day!! The Church is true. The Book of Mormon is true. I love my Savior so much and i am so happy and blessed to be one of his missionaries here in Ohio! I LOVE IT!!

-Elder Robinson

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sometimes you have to miss someone..........

    So Chet is in Arkansas for a few days. I miss him a lot!! But that could also be that I am home alone more than I want to be. But it's not all that bad. It's good to miss someone. It makes you appreciate them more. I'm grateful that the messes around the house have been small, but at the same time I miss them. So when he gets back we are making our pizza together and making a mess!! Tuesday better get here quick!!  :]

Deeeaaaar Family,

How's it all goin?? Sounds like it has been good besides all the sickness. That stinks. Grandpa is cancer free!!!! YESSS!! How exciting getting the wedding all ready! Oh man that is so crazy soon! Woo brotha! Nate is going to be a married man!! I looove that Uncle Chris is going to sing for them. That is so cool! I still sing some of his songs while tracting and such. I think all my companions have heard him now. Too bad i can't sing it very well ha ha!

So yes, Linda Bell is getting MARRIED!! Crazy huh!? Like i talked about in one of the past emails, she started dating Brother Johnson. Blew all of our minds! They are so great together though! They stared just seeing each other every week then every couple days and now every day. No whenever we are with Linda, Brother Johnson is there too! It's so funny. They even went to the temple together!!! Cool huh!! They don't have their recommends yet so they both sat in the lobby. Linda said she felt like it was home, almost like she had been there before. It was so cool to hear about! Gosh it makes me so happy. But after that they started talking about marriage..ha ha. And after dating for 2 weeks they picked out rings!! Ahh!! It's seems like it all is going so fast, but then again her whole conversion went just as fast! It has been amazing to be a part of all of this. To sit back and see God's hand working in her life and how everything just comes together. She needed the gospel and He knew she was ready, so He made it happen. Oh and Brother Johnson by the way..has been praying for 5 years to find some one to marry. Ask and you will receive!! God is so amazing.

I'm feeling a little bit better! Brother Young called me that night and ordered some meds for me, but hasn't called back for me to pick them up. I should be getting another ankle brace too. I'll be calling him today to see what's up, hopefully i can get some drugs so i can get better! I'm tired of being sick!

Transfers............My new companion is..........Sister..........Kidding! Elder..............Lamm! From Eagle Idaho! He is a solid missionary. He's been out 7 months so by default i am senior companion, which means nothing! Ha ha he's a fantastic missionary. So far he's just as goofy as i am and has seen as much if not more Spongebob than i have! All we quote is Spongebob! He is super cool. I have a feeling that we are going to do really great these next few months.

So this week we are going to the temple!!! It's only been like 6 months!!! So today isn't our p-day, thursday is. We might after the temple take a day out in downtown Columbus, which should be awesome! Haven't been there in forever. I'll be pretty close to Pickerington!

Oh speaking of the temple, right now Linda is working towards the temple and a majority of the things we talk about is about the temple. So i was wondering if you guys could pick up a picture of it? Picture with a frame for her house. I guess it doesn't really have to be the Columbus temple either. Maybe you can split it up with the family or something? I dunno just whatever you want to do. We just want it in her sights :) Ya?

Ok well i gotta go!! I love you my wonderful family!! Thank you so much for all you do for me!! Have a WONDERFUL week!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

-Elder Robinson

Oh and i named this wendy's because i used my wendy's card today..;) Thank you!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Not a computer person.......

     So I'm not a computer person. I probably never will be. But that's OK. I get by and get done what I need to. I am trying to figure out the new timeline on FB. So I decided to update Chrys' first and play with it before I do mine. It's nice not to mess with mine first!! I think it's pretty cool! I have been adding things to his map and travels. He has photos that I have forgotten about. It's been fun. So now I think it will be OK to do mine. I have also been going through pictures with Ashlee. She has been seeing Nate and our family from the beginning. I even found a picture taken by Chet's Grandma Rogers when we had only been dating 2 weeks. Wow!! I miss the kids when they were young!! But seeing them when they are grown up with kids of their own is fun too!! I have laughed a lot over these pictures!! I just love my family!!!!

Dear family,

Happy Birthday Tyler and Chuck!!!!!!! I have some b-day cards all ready for you! Just gotta get em sent out! I LOVE YOU!!

Well, i've got like 10 minutes so it's going to be a short one this week.

It's been crazy here in Xenia. To say the least. Elder Riggs is being transferred! Tomorrow i will be with my new companion. Elder Riggs got a call this morning telling him he's being doubled in and training a new missionary. You can imagine how hilarious i thought that was ha ha. He is such a fantastic missionary though. He's changing lives. He changed mine. We're working on basically changing how we do things here in The Ohio and it is a lot of work! President gave us orders to re do all of our area books and create i guess you can call it an ultimate area book. Part of this is doing 2-2-5 around members houses and creating teaching records for every member in the ward. Sound easy right? Our ward has over 400 members...ha ha. It's pretty awesome though. We've already seen a lot of success in all of what president is bringing into the mission. It's really exciting to see.

These past few weeks have been rather hard. This sickness won't go away and it zaps my energy pretty quickly. I've been feeling like my body is falling apart ha ha i've discovered new pains in my right shin and ankle. I bent down to tie my shoe this morning in the parking lot and fell over from pain. My right ankle is still hurting from when i sprained it a month back. And amongst all this i felt i lost my motivation, like i had just hit a brick wall. No one was coming to church and everyone kept falling off date for baptism. President advised me to focus on loving them more, which i thought was crazy because i do love them already! But that same night at our dinner appointment someone shared an experience of praying for Christlike love. To be able to understand how he feels about us and why he does what he does for us. So i took that to heart and tried it. These past 2 weeks have been so different! I started praying more and trying to focus everything i have on the people i meet and teach. I go to sleep with them on my mind and i wake up with them on my mind. I really love them. I want them to come to the Savior! I find my self crying for these people in my prayers. I have been so blessed, He is so gracious and loving to me. Now it's time to really show my love and bring the blessing of Him into their lives. It's been so much better, and i have a long way to go but with him i can do better and rise up out of the old me. I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I know that we can be perfected in Him. I know that he suffered and died for us because he loves us. And i know that we need to love others into this work. What a great week. It has definitely made me see all of this in a different way. And i like it :)

Oh and we met a guy named Sunny on the street yesterday who was so hungry he was willing to give us his iPhone. Ha ha. So we walked to the gas station and bought him some food and did not take his phone ha ha. Of course. I love being a missionary. Where else do you get to experience these things??

I love you my family!! Have a great week! I will let you know who my new companion is!!!! Crazy!

-Elder Robinson