Monday, September 26, 2011


Well this past weekend we found ourselves at bridal shops. Yes, we were looking at wedding dresses. We felt like we needed to help Ashlee and Nate get a move along with the plans. The dress Ashlee had on hold they sold, so we were off. The last shop we stopped at we found the perfect dress!! I wish her family could have been there to see the look on her face!! Then it was searching on the computer, making a list and sending it off with Ashlee. We didn't have a date till Nate came in last night and said how does January 14th sound. So now let the phone calls begin! This weekend also bring Conference and with that comes...........SALSA!!!!! The smell of tomato's is so yummy!! The awesome uplifting words!! The great company of the Spencer's!!! Yes, I am so looking forward to this weekend!! I hope your weekend is just as awesome!! :]

Dear family,
There's a spider crawling on my computer screen.
That is all for this week.
Have a good one!
-Elder Robinson

I waited to see if he was going to write a longer letter........stinker!!! :]

Dear family,
Like that last message?? Ha ha! Stinking spider.
My brother is getting married!!!! Wow! That's amazing!!! Congrats on setting a date!
So it sounds like you all had a pretty crazy week!! Good! I'm glad all of you are staying busy! I'm lovin the new bishopric!! Brother Bagley yeauhhhh! Ha ha sorry i just had to say that. He's the bomb diggity. Him and his family. I love them. Isn't sacrament amazing? It's my favorite part of the week. And i am so stoked for conference!!! WOO! It also makes for a sweet door approach ha ha. Do you believe God could call another prophet? Well i can tell you today that He has. And then invite them to conference. Boo yah! We have a bunch of people coming this weekend we're pretty excited! Sad i won't be able to taste some salsa this October. But it's all good ha ha. You make sure the Spencer's know that i love them ya?
Well, another great week!
Francis is doing awesome. We gave him the Doctrine and Covenants. He loves it! He is excited for this conference too! He can only make it to the priesthood session, but it'll still be great!!
Esther and Dorthy are great! They are still on date but we have to push the baptism a week back with all that is going on this weekend and all that we still have to teach her. But the whole ward is excited and have already welcomed her in! We're so excited for them!
Yes, transfers are this week!! Crazy how fast this is going!! I am excited to meet Elder Rawlings! I will definitely be looking out for him. We have no clue what is going to happen with this next transfer. Of course, you never do ha ha but you can still kind of predict it. I've been here 6 months which is a pretty long time for a missionary to be in an area, let alone their first area! Elder Pierce could even leave. Or we could both stay ha ha. We won't know until tomorrow night. I kind of hope i don't leave yet, i love the people here. Our investigators are awesome. Our less actives are awesome. I love the ward. We have baptisms coming up. It would just be kinda sad. But it's the Lord's work and His will. I will do what he wants me to do.
Well it is time to go. I won't be able to send the package just yet with everything going on. It will be FOR SURE next monday. I have recently been taking a ton of pictures that i hope you will love ha ha they make me laugh.
I love you all so much. I know church is true. I know with all my heart that the Book of Mormon is true. I am so grateful for the knoledge i have of this!! Have a great week!! Be good! Read the BOM!
-Elder Robinson
P.S. watch the Glen Beck conversion story! It rocks!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

James and his silliness..........................

So this past week I have been doing my best to spend time with James who wants to spend time with his friends more. So we took a day to do homework. He put on his songs and played them a little loud. "Mom do you know this one? Do you know this one?" It was the question of the day. We danced a little and laughed a little. Then he told me a lot of silly stories about his friends and yes, girls. Did you know that he hates when girls spray silly cologne? He turned his head one day and got it right in the eyes because a girl had it backwards. Yup, he hates it! He won't eat lunch if he doesn't have anyone to sit with so he will buy bacon/cheese potato chips. Sigh. He can talk like a run on sentence forever, but when we get in public he shuts up and doesn't say a word. What is up with that?? He asks me if he is driving me crazy, if I say yes, he says good because he likes to mess with peoples minds. I like that one!! Last night he looked at us with a straight face and said "Mom, I told my friends you had Chet Michael when you were 13. They lost all respect for you. Then I told them the real story and they like you again." We laughed so hard!! I told him I was 12 1/2 just to be clear though. So Chet and I cuddled and tortured him last night and it was great!! He is not going to let it happen to much longer. Yes, James is pure silliness and I am grateful for it!!

Dear family,

Sounds like a great week for all of you! Except dad ha ha. Poor baby.....:) Tell James he's the funniest kid i know. Wow. Ha ha. Bonnie Stern, YES!! Ha ha she is someone we were able to reactivate and get to church again. She is awesome!!! We call her Mama Bonnie ha ha. She is the best. Jon Browning is a goof, ha ha. He's so awesome. He's excited to meet all of you! Collin Janke too, he'll be out like 1 or 2 weeks after him and he wants to meet up with all of you too. He's going to Australia! I'll have him add you too on there. That's so crazy with the amount of missionaries coming in and out of our ward! That is amazing! As for the Navarro's....i love them! Ha ha they are so nice to write me. The CD is awesome! They are on my list of people to write back.

Ok so this week has been awesome! I got sick Friday night, which stunk! With the big weather change here like everyone is getting sick. Half the elders in my district is sick ha ha. I'm starting to feel a little better.

Francis is amazing. Ha ha. Nuff said. No really though, we met with him on Wednesday and he was telling us all about his experience in jail. He wasn't able to take a Book of Mormon with him when he went in but when he got there he checked the library and there was a copy! So he picked it up and read it every day! He was even made fun of for reading it, but he still did it! He said it brought so much comfort. He shared with us his favorite chapter which is one of the best ones ever, Alma 36. I was blown away with how much he was able to expound on the scriptures! It was amazing! He is doing well. And is excited to meet with us tomorrow and is excited for conference!

We have another person on date! Esther's daughter, Dorthy, so they will both be baptized on the same day! Both on the 1st, between sessions of conference! How awesome is that?? They are so amazing, they are way in tune with the spirit! And really eager to learn! We just taught the Plan of Salvation to them and Dorthy kept saying, wow! Holy cow! Wow! Ha ha she was loving Heavenly Father's plan. It was awesome! We're very excited for them.

I love being out here. I wouldn't rather be doing anything else. Everyone should serve a mission! It's incredible! Anyone who chooses not to, i think, is making one of the biggest mistakes of their lives!! It's fun, it's hard, it's rewarding, it's unlike anything i've experienced and i've never been happier. I love this work.

One thing that stood out to me this week that was brought up in Elder's quorum yesterday is a quote by an apostle when he saw the afterlife in a vision. Matt's talk that you talked about reminded me of it. It says he saw in the spirit world and in the kingdoms family units, happy and working together, but then he saw others who were alone and wanted to be with their family but couldn't. Simply because they did not fulfill their callings in the earth life. To go along with Matt's talk, finisher's wanted, Christ finished his calling on earth, and did a lot more than we could ever do. And yet, a lot of us don't fulfill our callings. Christ said to follow him, he is our example, and in order to do that we need to fulfill our callings and be finisher's! So in return we can be with our families forever. I hope that all makes sense ha ha i'm doped up on medicine right now.

Well i love you all so much! Thank you for the card!!! i love getting those!! They are such spirit lifters. Thanks for the cash too! It helps a lot!! Have a wonderful week!!

-Elder Robinson

Monday, September 12, 2011


As I was reading about what everyone else was doing 10 years ago, I thought about what I was doing. Chet turned on the TV and we just sat there in shock. We got the kids to school. Chet went to work. Then the day was filled with sadness. James was only 3 and didn't understand why his afternoon shows weren't on, so I kept him busy doing other things. A few weeks later I was helping Chrys' 5th grade class and was talking to a girl. She had lost her Uncle on one of the flights. She told me all about him. How she missed his laugh. She just wished he would come home. That was when it came really close to my heart. So many families where changed that day. It was had to watch anything about it yesterday. The emotions are still there. I am so grateful to live in America!! I am so grateful to have a beautiful family!! I am so grateful to have the freedom to choose my religion and the everyday things I want to do!! I am so grateful for those who have fought and still fight for our freedom!! Now just to let you know about the howdy cowboy.......I was running out of titles for Chrys' letters so I was getting creative. I mean, I have 2 years of letters. I still have a little over 18 months to go............. :]

Deeeaaarrr familllyyy, !
Howdy cowboy? Ha ha! Well boy howdy i reckon that be a grrreat title! Ha ha i love it. I have like 10 min today ha ha so i have to be quick...Lovin the updates on Utah though! Sounds like things are going well, except for people getting sick! I hope they get better!
We have a baptism!!! Esther is going to be baptized on the 1st next month....yes...Conference weekend! Ha ha it's going to be conference then baptism then conference ha ha how awesome is that?? She is awesome. She said in the first lesson that the spirit told her that this is the one and only true church! She is so in tune with the spirit is is just too cool. I am glad i can be a part of this!
Francis, sadly, cannot be baptized yet. We don't know when but he can't be baptized because he's on parole. Which is for the next 5 years. BUT we are hoping and praying that after his community service is done that we can get special permission from President and the First Presidency to get him baptized before then! Eek!
We had a monsterous Nerf war last week! It was AWESOME! Ha ha we even had a less-active come! Which is way good! We dominated!! Pick-Town rules!
Yesterday while i was sitting in sacremenet i was reading the B.O.M. and had an overwhelming feeling of the spirit. A feeling of gratitude for having a prophet and having this wonderful book in my life. I just put my head down and prayed and thanked my Heavenly Father for these things! The Book of Mormon speaks to me DAILY. I love love love it!
I just want to make this clear......I LOVE OHIO!! Ha ha. I am where the priesthood was restored to this earth!! Ah! And the people here are so awesome. We were meeting with and investigator last night and i realized how much i really love these people and how much i love Ohio. It's Zion! According to my ward mission leader...ha ha. But so is Utah! He disagrees ha ha.
Ok 2 minutes! Ha ha i love you all SOOOO much! Thank you for everything my oh so wonderful family! The church is true! The Book is blue! Stay wonderful and have a great week!
-Elder Robinson

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The End of Summer............

I can't believe summer is over. It was busy!! Which is a good thing!! It was also relaxing at times because James has decided he likes to live at other peoples houses. He also discovered his Dad's bike. Am I sad summer is over? Yes and no. I will miss the warm weather and nice nights sitting outside. But I love the change in the seasons. The fall colors are so beautiful! I will be fine for a few weeks though if they want to stay away. Today is also Lucky's birthday. I sat by her mother's side for 2 hours and watched her come into this world. I was the first to hold her. She is the sweetest dog!! Well here is to another great end of the summer!! I hope your summer was wonderful and the next season holds many treasures for you!!

Dear family,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUCKY!!!!!!!!!! Oh my girl! That is so awesome i forgot it was today! Glad to hear my puppy is still my puppy!
Ha ha i'm glad James is listening to me! And he better believe i will beat him up if he does! Ha ha i love him. And he's taking German?? That's awesome! Way to go kiddo! Harris my main man caught the biggest fish! Isn't that like the 2nd or 3rd time he's done that on family fishing trips? Ha ha he is so awesome.
Francis is home! Yes! We cleaned up his yard with a few of the young men and it was awesome! He came home and the first thing he did was call us! How cool is that?? He thanked us and set up a time we could meet up with him. We went over Sunday night and saw him with a member of ours which went way well. Same old Francis! Ha ha he's amazing. I made sure he knew how happy we were that he was home. Should be at church this Sunday!
We had a former investigator contact a member of ours and then the member called us over to meet with her and the first thing she said was, "I want to be baptized." .......Wow! Ha ha can you say, golden investigator?? She's so awesome though. Her name is Esther and she is from Ghanna. We're going over the lessons with her on Thursday.
On Friday, some elders from the area next to us came over and blitzed our area with us. Meaning we got double the work done. It was awesome!! We went finding for a good 6+ hours on what happened to be one of the most hottest and humid days i have ever experienced in my life, but it gave a lot of chances to talk with people while they gave us water. Ha ha. It was awesome. Met some really nice people and was able to bare my testimony to them! I love missionary work!
Thank you so much for the card! I love getting those!!! They totally make my week. This last one was awesome! To see all those familiar faces! So cool. I will for sure be looking out for Elder Rawlings when he comes out this next transfer. He's going in the MTC tomorrow isn't he? Woo! Ahh the MTC. What a cool experience.
Jon Browning will be in the MTC next month i think the 12th or 13th, i'm not sure i'll have to ask. We go out on splits with him a few nights a week and he said he wants to visit you guys and go out to lunch or something when he goes out there a few days early. Cool huh! I assured him that you all would love that! He's an awesome guy, he will be an amazing missionary! He's one of my friends on facebook i think if you want to message him about it. Oh and Collin Janke will be going out early too when he goes in next month and he said he would like to do the same. I will keep you informed!
I will be writting grandma soon, but thank her for all she has done for me! She's amazing! I love her! The Gatorade is awesome! I have a full gallon mixed up in the fridge right now ha ha and thank her for her letters! Especially this one i just got today with the article out of Mormon Times! SO cool!!
Well my family, I am doing well. Missionary work is the BEST! I wouldn't want to to be doing anything else. I am a forever missionary! I always want to do this ha ha. I love serving others. I love studying the scriptures. I love baring my testimony to friends and strangers. I love feeling and seeing the power of prayer. I love my Heavenly Father!
Have a grrrreaaat week!! I love you all so much! The church true!
-Elder Robinson