Monday, March 28, 2011

Life is Great!

I know this is long but the letters came a few days apart.......

Dear Family,
Life is great! I'm getting all settled in. Just unpacked my stuff. Sittin at my desk thinkin about my amazing day. I am a missionary. It is official. I miss you all so much that I hate thinking about it because I just want to see all of you and hug you, but I'm doing much better than I expected I would be doing on my first day. I'm lost everywhere I go ha ha, but thank goodness for the other Elders and Sister missionaries. My companion is great. He is from Highland. His name is Elder Michael Morley. He's quiet sorta but I can tell he has a strong testimony. Haven't seen Elder Taylor or Elder DJ Doman yet, but I have a feeling I will. There's an incredible spirit here. Everywhere I go is just amazing. All the people here are amazing. Here, I feel like I learn so much easier. I don't feel like I am in school. It's much easier to pay attention here and learn. My favorite part here so far is the investigator classes. A person plays the role of someone who doesn't know of the gospel and it may sound a little cheesy and unreal, and sometimes it is, but if you really pay attention and treat it as a real situation, then you learn so much. The other thing I loved about today was singing. We sang with all the new missionaries in one big room. It was pretty amazing. I am safe. I am tired. I am happy. The chocolate milk here is a dream come true. My P-day is on Monday. I can receive letters whenever and read them that night, but I can only write and send my letters out on Mondays. James better be writing a letter to me right now about how he is doing and about the fam. Oh and about that last test message I didn't get to see ha ha. Send me letters as often as you feel you want to. Let Sadie and Sally know about my P-day, and tell them they're wonderful and I love them. Did you bring the pillow, movies and letter to Sadie? I hope so. It means a lot that she gets those. Anyway it's about 15 min form bed time and I'm exhausted, and thirsty ha ha. I love you all so much. Stay safe. I am praying for each of you.

Elder Chrys Adam Robinson
P.S. I need Trent's address
P.P.S. I need post it's!! Send many!! :]
P.P.P.S. Mom, Stop crying. ha ha. Love you.

Dear Mom~
I am doing well and adjusting to missionary life here. I have been called to be Senior Companion here to my companion Elder Morley. I've been feeling the spirit and love of you guys so much. I just found out that we are being taught in a new program called, the Pilot program. It's been up and running for about 4 months now. We're one of I think he said five branches here in the program. Out of like 200 or so. I am loving my teachers. They are so amazing. It's been a day and already I feel like I've learned so much. I'ts so easy to focus on the Gospel here. I've born my testimony like 10 times already ha ha. Never in my life have I done that. Every time was in front of a group. The last time was in front of our branch and branch President and his Counselors and they're wives. It was amazing. The spirit was strong but most the testimonies before mine were short, mine was kinda long ha ha. I got real emotional and everything then after that the missionary bore a wonderful testimony in which he got emotional. I love bearing my testimony. It always made me nervous to do so because I felt like it wasn't strong enough, I felt completely the opposite now. I feel more confident in myself and my testimony. Gosh it's only been a day and I feel like I have learned sooo much! It's amazing here! As long as I am working and reading it is lol. On the down time I think of home. I miss everyone so much. I worry about yo all. Send so many letters my way please! I love it! Dear Elder has worked out pretty well so far. It's pretty fast. I am loving it. I saw Elder Taylor Baker today. Had dinner with him. Also I saw Elder Rhen Andersen! Remember him? Huge guy from the old ward that I was friends with. Great guy. He's going to Russia! Been here for 4 weeks, and still has another 6 ha ha. Crazy. I'm looking out for Elder T.J. Monga. He should be here. Anyway I gotta go. Time for bed! I love you all! Send many many letters! Oh and I am sleeping very well actually ha ha I'm tired all day long. Thank you for your prayers. You are the best Mom ever!

Elder Chrys Adam Robinson