Monday, April 25, 2011


I was thinking about my family this week and how blessed I am!! I don't get to see everyone of them, but I love them all so much!! Heavenly Father has blessed me and I feel it everyday!! The older I get the more I see his hand in everything that I do. I am so grateful for this!! I am hoping that your week brings you all the love that you are in need of........because really that's what makes it all work!!

Oh family,
What a truly incredible week it has been. It was strange though, almost every one of our investigators bailed on us and tracting wasn't super great except for last night and thursday. Our numbers were terrible! Ha ha BUT! We had some amazing experiences and we have 3 new investigators, pretty solid ones too. We got very few lessons in, but the ones we did get in were just simply amazing. Just goes to show that numbers don't mean a thing out here.
First, there's a man names Francis. I think I mentioned him in last week's email. This guy has been through a lot. He was heavy in drugs and alcohol till he was about 24 then he had his daughter and he made a promise that she would never see him on any drugs. So he was clean for i think he said 21 years till his wife left him and took his daughter, which was about 12 years ago. He has been struggling ever since, but through all of this i feel that Heavenly Father really guided us to him, Francis said the very same thing. He says he wouldn't get up in the morning if it wasn't for us. In our first lesson on monday, he told us pretty much his life story and how he needs God and how he has felt so worthless for all these years. After he told us this, the first impression i had was to bear my testimony, so i did! I was all teary eyed and so was he, there was so much spirit in that room. The second i felt the spirit, i could tell he could too, by the end i could really see his faith in Christ grow, one of the best things i've seen yet. At the very end he offered to say a prayer which shocked both me and Elder Long ha ha! So he said a prayer and then he asked if we could say one too. We have an appointment with him tomorrow. I can't wait to get him into that baptismal font ;)
Yesterday Elder Long and I were able to take the sacrament to this wonderful man in a retirement home, a month ago he had 2-3 strokes and needs to be cared for daily. It was sad, but also so happy. Sitting there talking with him, he and his wife cried as he told us how grateful and blessed he was that he could have the missionaries there to give him the sacrament. Oh man i get the chills just thinking about this! I almost cried it was amazing! After the sacrament he asked for a blessing, and i gave the anointing and a member we were with gave the blessing. SO much spirit there. Ahh i love this job! Ha ha! He said like ten times love you! Love you! Love you! before we left. Amazing.
Ok i wish i could tell you more but i have to go!
I'm sorry i ask for so much! But i just found all this out. I need cash for sending packages. And i have 2 that need to be sent. I have like 6 bucks ha ha send cash please?? Oh and my black steve maddens i wore to church, i would very much love those!!
Elder long and i have made some awweessoome videos of us chasing geese and what not ha ha and i have like 300 pictures! I'll send them with the package.
Tornado sirens rang the other night.
It's Sadie's birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There's no such thing as dry skin here.
Oh and i am going to talk to my Zone Leaders this week about the mother's day call, i dunno at what time that with be at but yeah. Pretty stoked! Could you have Sadie there? I only got 4 minutes with her at the airport, plus i just have things to tell everyone.
I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! My easter was fantastic! Some members got us some eater candy and stuff :) You are the best family in the whole wide world!!!!I'm sorry i can't email dad back :( but i will write him a letter at the apartment.
I have the best job in the world. To bring people unto Christ, what could be better?
Elder Chrys Adam Robinson

Monday, April 18, 2011

My first letter from Ohio!

Dear family,
Things are fantastic here. It is SO beautiful! I love it more and more each day. My mission president and wife are amazing. He sounds like Jeff bridges when he talks ha ha. My first day out here was probably the weirdest day ha ha it felt like a dream.
My companion is Elder Long from texas. Awesome missionary and great person. I'm learning a lot from him! He says i am the most optimistic person he's ever met ha ha. My favorite thing so far about this perfect work is tracting. I dunno why all the missionaries hate it ha ha it's been awesome meeting a lot of cool new people. Met this guy on friday that is going through the 12 step program and you could really see that he's ready for some change in his life. Going back later this week. Also met another man that has been searching for a church for 15 years and was completely open to us and our message. We have an appointment today for him and a few of his work friends and family. Gosh i just love it here. I am learning so much and meeting so many great people. Too many stories, too little time!
Yesterday i went to our ward for the first time, pretty amazing i have to say. The bishop asked me to come to the stand and bear my testimony ha ha which was pretty great. It's only like 150 people in the ward. Easy cheese. We are also being fed every night by the members. So amazing! Ha ha i'm going to get fat! Woo! Let's see what else.....i'm singing in choir! Elder long doesn't sing so he just watches ha ha. My bike broke on friday! It won't shift. I think we're taking it in tomorrow. I don't mind walking though so it's ok.
The Coulter family is great aren't they?? We are over there almost every day ha ha i'm so glad they can keep you updated and everything. The green breakfast consisted of green sausage, green pancakes, green milk, and those two green eggs. I drank the milk ha ha.
I met my first nazi. Ha ha. Pretty cool guy. He's a member of our ward and we were at his house last night. He has a bunch of guns we got to play with :P
Also lost a pair of jeans in the MTC. Dunno how. In the 1st week they were gone ha ha. Silly billy.
Pulled 6 eye lashes out at once the other day. Yeah.
I need music! The cards don't work on the music player :( Send cd's! We have a stereo lol so yeah. Any classical music. Movie soundtracks(intrumental) inception soundtrack!! Chris Keith definitely! Oh and i need a jacket. So you can send like my white one or put money on my card for one. If you could that would be great! Clair de lune! I neeed that song. A good piano version. Have James find it.
All is well my wonderful family. I absolutely love it here. I am sooooooo blessed!! And sooo happy! I love all of you so much. I wouldn't be me with out you. I'll be mailing my letters today. Teaching is amazing. The people are amazing. This gospel is amazing. Jesus is the Christ.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Who misses who more.........

The other day James asked me who misses Chrys more. I thought about how to answer and told him we miss him differently. I miss him like a Mommy. You miss him like a brother. Sadie misses him more romantically. Not that anyone misses him more or less, just different. Because we all miss him a lot. Then I got thinking about all my kids and grand kids. I miss them not being around for dinner. Or not being able to make brownies with them. The giggles they have. Then it went to my family and friends. I am so blessed to have everyone in my life that I love. Now I am going to put some parts of Chrys' letter on here. I am so grateful that he chose to serve the Lord. I know we will be ok while he is gone. I will miss him, it's my Mommy's heart.

Dear Family,
This will be my week update. I'm gonna write this whenever I have a cool experience, then send it out on Monday. Plus it helps me not forget things lol. (I am taking parts out because they are personal plus it is a 6 page letter).
We taught a new guy named Jmichi (?). A Japanese man that has never heard of the church, he actually doesn't know anything of God. It was such a different experience teaching the basic fundamentals that I've known my whole life. So cool. So spiritual. My days get better and better! I am beginning to feel like a missionary :) I haven't been this happy in so long. I love it here. The food kinda sucks... ha ha but that's not why I'm here. Off to bed now! Excited for another amazing day!
Pencil today! I won't say much in this about my day except for definitely in the top 3 best Sundays of my life. It'll be in the email I send. Aw missionary month. Boy how I wished I took that more serious when I did it. Still so fun. Elder Merkley?! That's so cool! Straight from the airport. They would do that ha ha. I'm loving the Mirror! Works great with the whole anti fog thing. Pretty awesome! Luggage tags too! Have yet to put them on ha ha still sittin on my desk. But next week I'm gonna need them good and on them. I'm sorry I ask for so much from you guys, but I need a lot! Most of which I can't get here at the MTC. Thank you all though for being so wonderful. Yess got Gma and Gpa's package. Ate it allllllll up! Ha ha so good. I'm gonna write back tomorrow.
Oh my package. Ha ha yeah I got it. The hands are a big hit with well everyone ha ha. (We got big sticky hands from the $1 isle at Walmart). It was pretty epic when another Elder I live with Elder Fullmer and I got them to high five! Ha ha! So funny. We're very bored when at the residence lol. The bouncy balls as well have been an amazingly big hit. They have been all over the building. And in a b-ball tourney in my room lol.
Also just because I know you all would think this is funny, I am mostly known as Elder Carrey. As in Jim Carrey. Ha ha. I don't know how but the word got spread that I can do a mean impression and that I am the next Jim Carrey. I have people I don't know coming up to me calling me Elder Carrey ha ha I'm like I don't know you! I kinda like it though, it's fun.
I am sorry I can't write so many personal letters back to each of you. It's really hard because you just don't have that much time to do anything other than study. I will write Nate back and send it later this week and another letter for James. I love you guys thanks for all you do! Till next time :)
Love Elder Chrys Adam Robinson

P.S. I want my drumsticks and black pad :) ( you can't keep Chrys from his drums!)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Dear Mom.
You saw him and didn't get a picture?! (I saw one of the people from Kid History at James' orchestra concert.) That's like my fav out of all of them! "Randy! Randay! Randaay! Randy?" ha ha ha. Oh my sounds like Dad is having oober loads of fun ha ha. Silly man. I love that James uses my blanket. How is he doing? I'm about to write him a letter. And no I was going to write Emily a letter then leave it with you guys but I just didn't have time. So I'll send hers with this one. Oh mother stop crying! I'm not crying ha ha really though. I'm too busy to cry ha ha the only time I get to is before I get to bed but I'm too tired so I just fall asleep ha ha. I might today tough since it's P-day, but we will see. I'm already getting sick of the choco milk ha. Ever since the day me and Taylor drank 5 glasses at lunch. It made 9 for me that day. I almost puked it all up lol. Things are fine here. I love my teachers. Just starting to get over home sickness...sorta. Every once in a while my mind wanders off and I'm also getting sick. Well no I was sick Saturday night and all day Sunday. I was worried that they would just lock me in my room all day (which they do by the way) so I asked the other Elders in my room to give me a blessing. I almost instantly felt better. I am still a little sore in my throat but it's much better. Last night it was so bad I couldn't even touch my neck. Nor turn my head. My teachers are amazing. One teacher, Brother Harward is one of the coolest guys ever. Really funny and jokes a lot but always know how to bring the spirit to whatever we are doing. In our first lesson together, in the middle of it, he stopped and told us this. He drew a line across the board and made little marks on it and each one of them is where you're testimony and knowledge is. He then explained each mark and what the testimony would be like at each point. He got me thinking and worrying so much. He then said something that I wasn't expecting, "Whether you are at the best or the worst the fact is, I don't care. The Lord doesn't care. The fact of the matter is, you are here to serve. The Lord is going to lift you up and you will be up there with the best." He said he felt like he really needed to tell us that. It was exactly what I needed. It has been one of the few times I've cried here ha ha. I thanked him for it. I was so worried when I got here that I wouldn't know enough. But it's amazing how fast I'm learning here. It's wonderful. Last night was great. We were able to watch The Joseph Smith movie. Man I love that movie. Anyway I'm gonna leave the rest for the email letter. I love you! I miss you!

Elder Chrys Adam Robinson

Oh! and Brother Harward had a J.S. ring too. Another reason too why he is so cool lol.

Dear Dad.
I think I should write yours and Mom's letter in the same one ha ha I'm all lettered out! I'm great though. I miss everyone a lot but I am doing fine. Other Elders are wrestling in the rooms down from me ha ha against the rules! But that's my district for ya though lol except us Ohio guys I live with. I worry about you guys a lot. Just praying everyone is safe and accounted for lol but really I do worry. It's no good. I think I'm adjusting well. Saturday was the longest day ever ha ha a total of 12 hours in class lol probably 3 of which I slept for ha ha! I am so tired all day long. I honestly don't think I've ever been so tired in all my life lol. I loooove going to bed at 10:30 though! I sleep so good! Oh man it's to great. I also love saying "Elders!" to everyone ha ha. It's so funny to me. I'll be walking and say "Elders!" and shake their hands and stuff just to be annoying lol. Oh or also you guys didn't pack my pablo shoes or my wrestling shoes or the inner part of my jacket (he left it at the church) I looked everywhere. Anyway I'm gonna go. I love you Dad. Send more letters! lol Dear Elder is great.
Elder Chrys Adam Robinson