Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I think I will survive............

Chet and I were driving around taking care of some errands. A song came on that reminded me of Chrys. Yes I got a little teary, but that happens. Then Chet got talking about how nice it is that we have time to ourselves lately since James likes his friends more then us. He was saying things like isn't this fun! We went to a movie together and now we are still doing things without having kids with us, doesn't it feel nice to be together. I was all teary at this point. He goes oh no, do I need to turn this song off. Thinking I really missed Chrys. I said no, I miss James.....hahahaa!!!!!

Dear Family,

Hey!!!!!! Ha ha sounds like a fun week!! One that FLEW by! Holy cow. Ha ha oh James. Skinny jeans? Okie dokie! V-necks though i have to agree with. That is so crazy he is getting so big! Ah! What the heck??

Poor Harris!!! Oh man that sounds so rough! But if it would happen to anyone, it would be him that can handle it ha ha. What a trooper! I love that kiddo. I gotta hear from them soon.

Debbie oils that i saw. Unless i missed it somehow ha ha but yeah i didn't see any.

Wow Megan Goodman, that's a name i haven't heard in a while ha ha. Spain! That is so cool!

I LOVED THE CARD! What a spirit lifter! Thank you!!!!!! The pictures are awesome ha ha I knew Jon couldn't resist my drums :)

You did get to talk to Collin??? Ah man i wasn't able to get a hold of him! I love that guy! You should have him stick his fist in his mouth ha ha he has a monster mouth. He is such an awesome guy though. He's going to be such a solid missionary.

OK, this past week ROCKED! We are seeing a lot miracles here! And you know why?? Because we are expecting them! We pray for it, and then work so we can have one. It's been amazing. On Friday our dinner appointment canceled on us and we had about 3 hours to fill before we were going to take dinner at the apartment. So we decided to pray and ask for a miracle. We sat for maybe 30 seconds and then felt like we should go find someone on a street we had prayed about earlier. We went, and tracted for a good 2 and a half hours. Talked to some nice people but no one that was interested. Even met a drunk French lady that we could barely understand ha ha. Then a recent convert in the ward called us and we talked for a bit and jokingly he told us that we were going to have a miracle at 7:01! So we were like, alright ha ha let's get to work! We had 13 minutes to have that miracle. 7:01 rolls around and we knocked on a house and talked with this lady named Tracy and she ASKED for a Book of Mormon and we are going back to teach her this Friday. How awesome is that?? Ha ha we prayed and had faith that it would happen. And it did! So cool. We sent in this miracle via voice mail to the Zone Leaders who forwarded it to the AP's who forwarded it to the whole mission. Ha ha we've had 2 miracle voice mails go mission wide in 3 weeks. Xeniaisthebomb!!!!!

On Saturday we got a media referral from headquarters in SLC and it was for a lady named Linda that had gone to church with a friend down in Kentucky and enjoyed it. Then that friend went on and referred her to us. So we felt like we should go straight to her house as soon as possible but realized it was about a 30 minute drive and we had an appointment with one of our investigators, Alex, in less than an hour and wouldn't be able to make it to both. We still felt like we should go see her! But decided to go to Alex's. When we were about to leave he called and had to reschedule. So we were out the door and off to Linda Bell's! Ha ha. She has now been to church and knows it's true and we are hopefully going to put her on date for baptism this week! She says she has had all sorts of things happen to her this past year that has seemed to her like God has pushed her to us. She is an awesome lady.

I taught a college class!! Ha ha! SO cool! It was at Synclair, ranked i think he said #10 in the best community colleges in the U.S.. It was huge! And it was my first time in downtown Dayton. Mr. Moermon was awesome. He actually is an alumni to Harvard and said that he wants to write a letter of recommendation for us to go there :) he also talked me into going there for religion classes. Yep. I'm going to Harvard ha ha. It was so cool though teaching and baring testimony to about 30 people. We were able to show a couple videos off of which went really well. Have you guys been on there? It's awesome! The newest video is of Brandon Flowers, the lead singer of The Killers!! Woo! Yep. He's a member! Anyway, the teacher invited us back to teach again for his winter class. I guess that means we did a good job! Either way it was fun!

GO SEE 17 MIRACLES! It is so good! We had a recent convert come to a member's house and we watched it with them. It's about all the miracles that happened to the pioneers when coming to Utah. Amazing.

Well, i best be off. But i am so looking forward to this week. It is going to ROCK! This area is exploding with missionary work! We have like 10 member referrals we have to visit this week ha ha. What a wonderful thing to be doing right now. I love being a missionary. I've never been happier. I wouldn't rather be doing anything else. I know this is the true gospel of Jesus Christ. I know he lives and loves every one of us. I love him. I love the Book of Mormon. What a powerful tool in our conversion! What a powerful tool in life! I am grateful for the atonement of Jesus Christ and the unending blessings it provides. I am grateful for a living prophet! I am grateful for eternal families. I am grateful for the examples you all are to me! Thank you for all the love and support you give me! I love you all! Have a great week!

-Elder Robinson

P.S. Can you believe it's halloween time already?? Whaaaaat??

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Conversation Goes Something Like This...........

I have taken the conversation that I had with my Elder and made it smaller. It was a little longer, but decided to take out some of the personal things. It was really a great talk between us!! It has been hard not having the fb connection. We were spoiled!!! So here we go-
Chrys-bahhhh. Ha ha. Have you gotten my letter yet? P.S. this is weird that you're on the same time I am haha. Funny.
Me-I am loving this......just like texting hahaha <3
Chrys-hahahaa that's funny. Elder Riggs laughs haha.
Me-Tell Elder Riggs to have his family let you be friends on fb so I can tag him in some pictures!! I loved the pictures last time!! Meet a missionary hahaha
Chrys-Yeah ha ha ha meet a missionary. Gotta love the good ol baptist church. Saw that and was like, oh yeah haha. Couldn't pass that up. Oh I will tell Elder Riggs.
Me-Used your spacesuit on the blog....we laughed at your tag on the suit. Are you being trunky talking to me like this?? haha
Chrys-I was a space missionary! Yay! I have been hereby called to serve in the mission, the Moon. haha
Me-Watch out Moon people!! Elder Robinson is on his way....not only saving people in Ohio, but reaching far beyond!!!
Chrys-hahaHA trunky haha not really I'm just laughing a lot haha. this is awesome.
Me-We got your letter Saturday!!! We loved it!!! <3<3<3
Chrys-Oh Cool!!! I am glad. I was like I'm gonna send a letter haha. Alright we are going to go now I will email you guys later. Catch you on the flippy flop.
Then we passed some mushy goodbyes and the Mom and Son were happy campers!!!! It made my day!! I love that Heavenly Father knew I needed to talk to Chrys. 2 years is a really long time with only 4 phone calls.....well ok 6 phone calls because he did call from the airport twice!!

Deaarrr flamily,

I've got like 10 minutes. ha ha. So i'll reply to that email next week ya? I'm really glad to hear all is well at home though :) I didn't know Emily's grandma passed! My gosh! That's so sad. BUT i'm glad we know our Heavenly Fathers plan for us. I'm glad you guys are there for her. She's a wonderful girl and she deserves a lot of love from everyone! You be sure that she knows we love her.

I will get that letter for Ryan for you next week.

Ok, so like i said, i've got like 10 minutes ha ha so i have to be really quick. It's been SO crazy busy lately! The work is on fire! Ha ha yesterday we had 2 appointments during our prep-day and we didn't have enough time to come back to finish the email. But that's ok. We got a new investigator out of it! Amy Tutt. AWESOME lady with an awesome family. We carved pumpkins with her ha ha it was awesome. And we went back today and mowed her lawn and she made us lunch. She's so cool. We'll be teaching her every Monday.

This past week i have felt the spirit SO much. I have literally felt Him guiding us. We are following every impression we receive from Him and every time we do we have success. The other day we got the impression to go visit a referral from a member, but the problem was she was 18 miles out of our way and we are pretty limited on miles right now. Plus it was at a time that the members said she wouldn't be home. So we decided to pray about it and the same answer came, "GO". So we decided to go. We showed up to her house and she came to the door! We were able to talk to her about the church and families and everything and she was pretty interested! We're going back on thursday. Amazing. I love that. There's even been times while out tracting where i would hear an audible voice tell me to stop at a certain house. And when we listened, the person was receptive. From our finding efforts we have 9 return appointments for this week alone. AND we have a bunch of member referrals. One of which is a chapel tour tomorrow. My gosh. This week is going to be a busy one.

AND last night we got 2 more people on date for baptism. Ha ha! AMAZING!

TOMORROW, we are teaching a..........COLLEGE CLASS! Ha! Yeah!! It's gonna be so sweet!! It's going to be about 30+ people and i'm going with my district leader because we're on exchanges right now until tomorrow night. We're both pretty nervous, but i know that this is happening for a reason. And why be afraid? The Lord will be with us. We will be teaching on just about everything but mainly on the restoration and our basic beliefs. The teacher's name is Mr. Moermon. Pronounced Mormon ha ha and he's not a member. How funny is that? You can call me Elder Professor Robinson.

I LOOOOVE this area. This ward is so missionary minded. We get referrals just about every dinner appointment. I love it here. I love being on a mission!!!!!!! It is the best most enriching experience ever. My love for the Savior has grown so much. I love Him. I love Him. I love Him. I love this gospel. I love the Book of Mormon. I love our Heavenly Father. I am so grateful to be serving here in Ohio. It is the greatest place to be serving a mission!! I wouldn't rather be anywhere else.

I love all of you. Thank you so much for the support and love you have given me. I don't know where i would be with out you! Oh and thank you Bagley's for the package!! :) :) Just got it before i came here! Love it!!


-Elder Professor Robinson

P.S. Tell the Coulters that i love them!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Silly Faces and Silly Words.........

This week I am grateful for Skype, texting and Facebook. They keep me in touch with all my family far away. Who knew my Grandsons had such dance moves!! My Granddaughter saying she wants to scream and sing with me at Disneyland again. Then sharing Elder Robinson with everyone over the net. I am grateful to meet new people who were in Elder Robinson's ward just a few weeks ago. I learned that he is still a goof-ball. He had Nerf gun wars on Mondays because no one was at the church. He was on the dream team! He did the cinnamon challenge with this young Elder, but filmed it instead of doing it. He did it in my kitchen when he was 16 with his friend. So I guess once was good enough for him. I learned that he took over when his companion was trunky and made sure things got done, but still had a lot of fun. That this young Elder is looking forward to being his friend for life. I love missionary homecomings when they use words like jerk, stud, suck, poop, crap and turn it to-Christ like service. How do I love my neighbor. It's not about me. If you gave me a plane ticket I would go back right now. I am truly grateful for what life is giving me and the people who share it with me!!! :]

Dear family,


Sounds like a great week you all had! First off, Mom, i laugh at you jumping at the fake bat. Ha ha! And of course dad and the "spider". So funny! I love it. Speaking of Lucky, i pet a dog that had the face of lucky, i fell in love with it ha ha i pet it for a good while. Ah the Moline family!! I miss them. I need to send a letter out to them. How are they doing? I can't remember if i mentioned this or not but that family in my last area, the Warenski's, the ones that know the Moline's, we're related to them ha ha! Not even kidding. We did a family history thing and they are related to the goodwin's as well. My 4th cousins! Great family. Tell Bonnie i say hi! And sorry i couldn't say bye to her. And to also give the new missionary a hard time ;) ha ha just kidding. Bryce and Kurt are back already?? Crazy! That's awesome though!! Rough for Bryce, 13 months in one area?? That is rough. Elder Rawlings would have been in the area right next to mine if i would have stayed ha ha crazy huh.

ELDER BROWNING!! Yeuhh! Ha ha i only got to talk to him for a second the other day, but that is so cool he is going to visit!! I'm going to send you an awesome picture of him ha ha. Say good bye and good luck for me. Also, if you could, get his mission home address? That is something i failed to do. And after him Collin should be coming! I'll have to get his number and talk to him about it if you haven't already.

Alright, to start off, we have someone on date! Alex Mansfeild. His story is AWESOME! It starts a year ago, he was on a plane coming from Chicago to Dayton and a stranger came and sat next to him and started talking to him and knew Alex's name and all these really detailed stuff about him. He had never met this guy before in his life! He was kind of freaked out. But then they stranger told him that his life was going to change in 1 month. So Alex was like ok whatever crazy guy. They talked more about all sorts of things until the flight ended and then he gave Alex a business card. After the flight him and his wife followed the stranger outside and as soon as he went out, the stranger disappeared. SO after he was home he went to where the address was for the business here in Dayton and it was all boarded up. So then he went across the street to some other stores to ask about it and they said that there had a been a big fire a year ago and that the man he was describing had died in the fire and that this wasn't the first time that someone had come looking for him. Crazy i know! Right after that the missionaries came in contact with him and started teaching him. He was progressing and doing really well but then he got really sick and had to be admitted into the hospital, exactly a month after he had met the stranger. He got so sick he wasn't able to be taught. So now, about a year later, he prayed for Heavenly Father to send another set of missionaries to come and if they did come, that he would join the Mormon church. And here we are!! Ha ha. Elder Riggs and his last companion came in contact with him a few weeks ago and we were able to teach him just this past week and committed him to be baptized. He LOVES the gospel and already has a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon. We are SO excited for him!! He says that this man was sent to him as a messenger of God and this whole experience has made him a believer and that this is what his Father in Heaven wants for him. It was definitely a miracle. We actually sent this story in a voice mail to the Assistants to the President and they sent the voice mail to the missionaries mission wide ha ha. Pretty cool i thought. :)

My eyes hurt from staring at this screen ha ha. Let's see, we are working with the ward a lot right now in getting everyone more motivated to do missionary work. It's working well! We met in a P.E.C. meeting with the bishop and ward mission leader and others and spent a good hour talking about missionary work and what we can do. I was able to take some of the things we used in Pickerington and suggest them and they loved it! We're also going to be doing a 40 day fast for missionary work which will pretty cool. Other areas are doing it and that have at least 4 people on date. There is SO much potential in Xenia it is crazy!! The work can really explode here if we do the things the Lord wants us to. It's so cool being here. The members are awesome. The investigators are awesome. It's just an amazing place.

I can't really think of anything else that has happened. Ha ha. We went to Wright Patt Air Force Base!! It was AWESOME!! Took a bunch of pictures. It was HUUUUGE! You guys should look it up and look at some of the pictures. It's amazing.

The fall leaves are starting to show!! It's beautiful!!! I'll be taking a lot of pictures in the upcoming weeks.

You should be getting a letter in the mail soon :)

I love you all. My testimony of this gospel has grown so much. The more i learn and experience, the more it grows. I love my Savior. I love the Book of Mormon. I love sharing my testimony with others. I know that this is all TRUE! I am grateful for all of you and how wonderful you are. You have been such a big blessing in my life. Thank you for raising me in this church and for the testimonies you have. I love you! Be excellent to each other!!

-Elder Robinson

Monday, October 3, 2011

Conference and Salsa go hand in hand..........

How I love the smell of Salsa!!!! I come home and my hair smells like Salsa!!!! Then I have to take a shower and the smell is gone. It is so yummy again this year. If I am careful it will last the year. Then there is the silliness that comes along with it. We get so tired and the boys are so weird. The dogs are running around looking for food. It's what it's all about!! Then we get together on Sunday for the Salsa to be delivered and have a meal. We watch Conference and this time it ended up in a nerf gun war, card throwing and hand shocking game. Chet, James and I made 3 different yummy treats. It was a great time spent with friends. Chrys is in Ohio and CJ is back from Bulgaria is the only change. We had CJ bless the food in Bulgarian. It was beautiful!! This is always one of my funnest weekends of the year!! I always look forward to it!! We feasted on wonderful words and we feasted on wonderful food!! What a great way to start October!!! :]

Dear Family,

Heyooo!! Sounds like another grrreat week! Is there ever a bad one though? Nahhh. Oh man i got to conference on Saturday and all i could think taste and smell was salsa. Ha ha save a jar for me! Yum. How is it this year? Weird that Cj can speak Bulgarian. Ha ha. I guess it makes sense since he was there for 2 years huh...i don't use my brain often. That's so crazy all those missionaries are coming home!! That was so fast! What the heck! Ha ha. Dalton Slangrup ask to be friends?! Sweet!! Yes he is a priest in Pickerington, a very awesome kid! How cool.

Well, yes, i am now in Xenia! This place is AWESOME! It has more different churches then i've seen my whole life. I thought Pick-Town had a lot, nuh uh! This place has a different church every 5 ft! It's crazy! But cool. It was hard leaving Pick-Town, it was like leaving home again! I am going to miss all the wonderful people i met and taught. Ah man and we had a couple baptisms this week! Ha ha. My companion is Elder Riggs, a very solid missionary. He came out the transfer after me, which means i am senior companion. The assistant announced it and i was like, whhaa? Ha ha. He also lived about 5 minutes away from our old old house in Orem ha ha and he went to Mt. View. Funny huh? I'm pretty sure i saw him too before we came out. Xenia really is so awesome though. The Dayton East Stake is the biggest in Ohio. Our ward has 300+ members in it, ACTIVE members. I don't know how many less actives we have, but i'm sure it'll put it over 400. Pickerington had almost 150 active members and about 50 less actives. Big difference! It is an amazing ward though. I am so excited to be serving here. I've already got a billion ideas for this area :) Stoked!'s a car area!!!!! Yeauhhh! Get thee hence bike!

Oh, Elder Rawlings is awesome!!!

Anywayyyy, conference ROCKED! Holy moly i seriously took over 30 pages of notes. No joke! It was amazing! I have a ton of favorites, but the one Carl B Cook of the seventy gave was one of my most favorites. It's better to look up! I love it! I loved what he said about releasing our burdens. "Look up and step up and we will then cheer up because God wants us to be happy." I also love, "We can never repay Christ, but we can love the Lord." Brilliant. Oh oh!! And the best 2 years FOR my life! I think i might have to add a little to that, FOR and OF my life. It has been so incredible i can't even put into words. There is nothing i would rather be doing! This is the best 2 years everyone is talking about! Oh and in priesthood you see Caleb Chapman in the choir?!? Ha ha! The choir was from PG and i totally saw him in there. So funny! I grabbed my companion and was like, I know him!! Ha ha. So random and awesome.

A quote from a member at dinner last night, " some people need a high the face..with a chair." i about died laughing ha ha.

Ok so, i am sending the package today with pictures. It has a lot of random junk in it ha ha but i hope you will like it. I am also working on getting another present for you guys that i think you will love! It is awesommmme to say the least.

We went to hippie central of Ohio this morning. Very interesting. I'm sure it didn't help that we were walking all on the streets playing the uke either, ha ha. It brought up some good conversations.

Well my flamily, ha, i love you! I am loving it here. I am getting happier and happier by the hour! Ha ha and when i think i am happiest, i get happier! Ok maybe that is an exaggeration, but still, i'm happy! This church is TRUE! I love my Savior with all of my heart. I am so grateful for serving here in the great Ohio Columbus Mission. It's the best! I love you!!!!!!!!

-Elder Robinson

P.S. I played a drum set yesterday ;) i still got it he he.