Friday, September 28, 2012

Life goes faster than you think........

     So I have this kid that left the house to go on an adventure for 2 years. He left behind his noise makers which are now in storage for a little bit (2 small ones sit in by my kitchen table). I love the sounds of the drums!! He has burned a tie and shirt. I am waiting to see if he got to burn some pants. Some Moms gasp when they hear this. I say they have earned it, let them burn!! I look at my family and how they have all grown this last year and a half. They are so beautiful. I get lost in their faces everyday. I taught a lesson a few weeks ago on Temple Marriage. I decided to update the family pictures on my piano. Now I can stare at them all I want all day long. This makes me happy when I only have James and Chet here bugging me. I do miss them a lot and it's not the same, but it will do till I can see them. Yes life goes faster than you think. I'm not getting older. At least that's what I'm telling myself. But sharing more time with Chet is a bonus!!! So Elder Robinson, burn those pants and here's to 6 more months in the Great Ohio!!!!

Dear Family,

Squaw Peak! Man i love that place! The colors are beautiful!
Everything is still green here. At least it's not dead like it was all
summer. The weather is cooling down quite a bit though, running in the
mornings is getting to be pretty hard! All of you look so good though.
I love pictures! Send more!

Well i don't have much time today. We had a lunch appointment that
ended up afterwards seeing bishop for a little bit at his work, and we
still have a bunch to do before the day ends. Plus i have bunches to

First off, the game was SWEET! We were supposed to go on the field for
the pre-game show but ended up not going. But we were on camera a
bunch! And got a Columbus Crew hat! It was so fun being with all my
companions!! Of course I hung out with Elder Riggs the whole time.
Whenever we see each other it's like nothing has changed and we become
little kids together ha ha! He's such a goof. Man i love him. Plus all
the people that were sitting right below all the missionaries were
from Xenia!! SO awesome to talk and hang out with them. All in all it
was way fun, my first and probably my last all day p-day! It
definitely threw off all of our sleeping schedules though ha ha i have
been so tired since!

The work here is doing so good! It's really moving at a fast pace,
it's hard to keep up with all that is going on! Last week we found 5
new investigators- Annett and Robert's son's-Shawn and Ethan, and
Chris, Betty and Matt who were some former investigators that we
dropped by with a member. They were each so awesome. Annett and Robert
didn't make it to church but Emily and her Daughter did! And they
loved it! So she is still on date to be baptized on the 13th. Also
bishop's nephew came who is investigating down in Lawrenceburg, he has
such a strong testimony. It blows my mind! The ward is on fire right
now and everyone is feeling the work that is going down! Everyone
wants to help us out, and i think it's because the area hasn't had
much excitement as far as missionary work for so long and now that
it's moving along everyone is getting excited. It's amazing! I feel so
blessed to be here, i love these people!

Last week bishop received a letter in the mail full of money donated
to the church from people no one knows, and it wasn't a small donation
either. But Bishop tried to get a hold of them and finally they called
back last night and left a message on Bishop's phone. Needless to say
he called us over immediately! The said their names were James and
Joice, and that they had been watching a lot of BYUtv and had been
reading the Book of Mormon and would like to have someone to meet with
from the church. WHAT! So yeah, a member took it into his hands and
set it all up for us to go over to their house tonight to teach them.
How awesome is that! What a great feeling! I love being here!!

Well i am out of time, i love you all so much! This gospel is so true.
I love my Heavenly Father so much, and i love my Savior and am so
grateful for him. Being a missionary is the greatest thing ever. The
Lord is really in and a part of this work, inviting ALL to use his
Atonement. I love him. Thank you for everything you do my wonderful
family! You all mean so much to me.

Have a great week! Share the gospel with someone!

-Elder Robinson

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Colors Call to Me...........

     I love driving up this road. Not only does it have all the beautiful colors of fall that just sing to me, it has a peaceful spot that we love. This is the road to Squaw Peak. On the other side of the Peak is where we buried our Hanky. It's one of our peaceful spots. It's been 8 years and we miss him, but it's ok knowing we have a sweet place to go. I just love this time of year!! So the fun things we did this past week are- feeding the Missionaries, making a new friend, parent/teacher conferences (not that fun) and cleaning the church for the Temple dedication tomorrow. I am so excited about that!! I love Temple dedications!! Then after we get to have dinner with my parents!! A win win Sunday!! I hope everyone's week was good and this next one is awesome!!! Go see some beautiful leaves!!!! Stop and take in nature!!! I am so grateful for what God has given us!!!!

Dear family,

Sounds like a good week there! It's always good to have the missionaries over for dinner! And way to be mom and dad! Helping out the missionaries like that, they need it!! And i love the pictures, i'm sure their moms loved seeing them in a tree ha ha.

Wow what a crazy week. Sunday was amazing. We had some great lessons through the week and committed a few people to come to church, and a whole family did! We had been trying really hard to get Annett and Robert to church for a while now, but they would never commit. We kind of figured it was out of fear. The sister is a member and her fiance is not. She hasn't been to church in a long time and Sunday was his first time. So we had a great lesson on the restoration and the Sabbath and committed them to church, then scheduled breakfast Sunday morning to make sure they would make it! It went so well. It was kind of a crazy morning, but they did make it! Usually their kids are so crazy but on Sunday they were so quiet and perfect, and actually loved it so much! They weren't planning on staying for primary but the kids wanted to so bad that they did. Oh and did i mention that it was the first time in about 7 months an investigator has come to church here?! Yeah it's awesome. They're coming again this week!

We had a lesson on Monday that was so good. CV and Emily! The ones that snagged the Book of Mormon at that dinner at bishop's house I think a little over a month ago. Our meal coordinator set up dinner with and we had a couple members come with too. We taught the plan of salvation, which the spirit definitely confirmed! And then we invited them to baptism on October 13th. They accepted! Actually, Emily said, "That's what I'm working for! I want my Atonement!" How awesome is that? She said that a few times ha ha. They will be at church Sunday too and she will actually be bringing all her older kids! So that will be great! Man it was an awesome experience!

On Monday night we started a mission wide fast, and did it on a conference call with all the missionaries and President Nilsen. It was awesome. We all fasted for various things but most of all fasted that we could find people to bring to baptism! The mission right now has upped in baptisms 40% and we're raising our goals monthly. It's so cool to be a part of! So yesterday we all fasted and man it was a good one. Of course they all are :) but we went looking up some former investigators yesterday and came across two people sitting on a bench next to the sidewalk, one of them actually is a former that we didn't know about! She told us about how wonderful the church is and how she was just thinking the other day of going back but didn't know where. So we invited and she accepted and she will be picked up Sunday for church! Man the Lord is blessing us. I love it. That will make at least 4 investigators at church!!

I gotta go now! Sorry it's kind of a short letter but we gotta get headed to the game! Yes be looking out for us because we will be on TV ;) ha ha we're all so stoked! Oh and if you didn't already notice, today is an all day p-day!! Woo! Ok i gotta go. I LOVE this area so much. These members are amazing and they have become family to me. I love them all so much. Our investigators are all so amazing too. We are truly finding the elect and prepared! The Lord is in this work and it will go on until Christ says it is done. As Elder Holland says, WE ARE NOT RUNNING. We will go forth! I love Jesus Christ so much. I love this gospel. I love eternal families! I love the Book of Mormon. I love the spirit that tells me it is true, and I love that Heavenly Father will reveal this same spirit to all truth seekers.

I love you all so much! You mean so much to me! Have a great and safe week!

-Elder Chrys Robinson

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hello blog.......I forgot about you this week.......oops!!

     Well I got a little busy and I forgot about the blog. So here I am rushing to blog it out!! This week was a blur. I would have to look at the calendar to see what happened. I was worried about the Elder having his money taken, the dog getting her hair cut. She gets nervous and she is really old. I want her to make it to March. I was keeping James going with his grades and Chet with his work. Trying to get my meds to let me sleep, well kind of sleep. I felt like my mind didn't turn off. Then it hit me, I didn't blog. GAH!! So here it is. I will let the Elder entertain you. He is so much better at it then I am!!!

Dear family,

There is no way Caleb is 7!?! Whaat that's crazy. Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CALEB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're getting to be an old man! I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh man a bunch of hooligans egged the house! Bummer! That's too bad. I'm glad all is well though. With that many eggs I would have scooped em up and made some scrambled eggs! Yum! :/ 

Well i don't have a whole lot of time today, so sorry if this weeks letter is a little jumbled up.

This past week has been a pretty full week! Full of a lot of tracting! Which isn't so bad. I think Elder Johnson is my first companion that actually likes to go knock doors! He's sweet! Knocking on stranger's doors isn't a very fun thing to do but the results are so worth it! We went to 225 a member in Greensburg on Tuesday and actually ended up tracting out most of the neighborhood. It was kind of like a...well....let's do one more. Ehhh one more house. Over and over until we found Thelma! She is a 95 yr old, full time working lady! She is just so cool. Her Daughter was there and apparently had been taught before, and Thelma was feeling pretty sick so we offered a blessing and she told us to come right in! We taught her The Restoration and she says she reads the bible all the time and would love to read the Book of Mormon! We finished up with inviting her to be baptized which they accepted if they knew the Book of Mormon was true. It was sweet! We will be going back this week to follow up with her. I love being a missionary!

A small funny-not so funny thing happened this week. Someone got my missionary funds card number and spent like $30-40 of my grocery money! What! I guess the joke will be on him at the last day. Stealing money from a missionary! Ha ha. The office lady said this is only the 2nd time she's ever seen this happen. So there goes just about 2 weeks of food. Yaaaaay. But I'm still laughing about it! I'll be getting a new card in a few weeks.

Terry is doing SO good! We've been having dinner with him with other members and meeting with him weekly. Saturday we watched "Finding Faith in Christ", which is a great little movie. The spirit was there big time and afterwards he just sat there and said that before he wanted to have his grandmother's name taken to the temple for her work to be done, but now he wants to get there and baptize her himself! It was a way sweet experience. On Sunday the Louisville KY temple president and his wife came and spoke in sacrament about temples and afterwards Terry was feeling so pumped up to get his life in order so he can go! He met with Bishop Watkins yesterday too to get going. Terry is so awesome. It makes me happy to see him put his sights on the temple!

I was able to interview an awesome awesome young man for baptism on Friday night. It was amazing, and such a faith building experience that there are people out there looking for the truth. His mom is completely against it and he was on the edge of not doing it just because of her, but we sat down with the other missionaries and his cousin who is a member and had a great talk about it. After that we sat down and had a great interview where he basically taught me the gospel! His testimony is so strong. I just love these people. I am so grateful I was able to have that opportunity. He's planning on being baptized in 2 weeks and we're all way excited for him!

Well that's about it for the week! It was a good one! But then again, isn't every week a good week? Next week is going to be an extra good one! We get to go to The Crew professional soccer game! They're having a "Mormon Night" and all the missionaries will be on the field for the pre-game in front of 25,000 people :D Yayuhh! 

The Chruch is absolutely positively true. No doubt. I've been reading the new testament and I just love Jesus. I want to be like him. I am so grateful for the Atonement, He went through so much for us. man. I love him so much.

Thank you for everything you do for me. You all mean so much to me. I love you!

-Elder Robinson

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Our Loyal Lucky..............

     It was a normal morning. I was sleeping because I had to be at work by 8 am. I heard our dog Gidget making a lot of noise. I knew the time had come. So I sat with her for 2 hours waiting for puppies. It was 2 am at this time. By 4 am little Lucky entered the world. When her Mom had her all cleaned up I held her in my hands and gave her a little kiss on her sweet little nose. She was so tiny and helpless. Her Mom was still in labor, but doing good. I went to bed for a quick nap and when I awoke we had Hanky and Spot. Spot had a clef pallet and had to be put to sleep when he was only 1  1/2 days old. Hanky was hit by a car when he was 9. That was 8 years ago. Such a hard time for our family. So here we are 17 years later and Lucky is still here with her sweet ways. She loves us conditionally. She truly is our families best friend. I found this picture on my camera that James took of her sleeping on his stuffed wolf. I thought it was so cute!! She will have a face soon when we get her groomed!! There are eyes in there!! Big brown blind eyes!! Yes, I love my Lucky!!!!!

Dear family,

Happy Birthday Grandpa Nunley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And Happy Birthday Lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man she is old!!!!!! I love you!!!

Oh man i just gotta say, that story of Brother Bliss and his dad is amazing. Wow i loved that. Thank you for sharing!! I also love all the mission calls...especially Travis' call! The Great Ohio! It's the greatest mission in the world. But I'm sure he already knows that.

What a crazy week! The work is great. I love this area. And yes, the rumors are true, i'm training Elder Johnson! And yes he is from Lehi. He actually knows everyone i know in Lehi ha ha. Last week was insane with transfer calls. We were expecting just Elder Culler to leave because he had been in that area for 9 months, but instead both of them had to leave! And actually we got a call right after i got my call that Elder Laird was going to Lawrenceburg ha ha! So he is like 20 minutes away and still in the district! Exchanges will be sweet. Oh and actually they are already having a baptism this week! Woo! So Tuesday and Wednwesday was running back and forth between Lawrenceburg and here to get both Elders packed and to find them rides and everything. Boy that was fun. On Thursday i had to wake up at 5 again though so i could be at the trainers meeting, which was the best just so you know. It turns out that Elder Riggs is training again so we got to hang out all morning!! Oh man that was awesome. I love that missionary. On the way home out of Columbus our car started to break down. That stunk! So instead of taking 2 hours to get home it took us almost 5. We had to go straight to Batesville because if we stopped the car would die, so we got dropped off there then the member snagged bishops truck and drove us back up to Lawrencburg because our car was up there and then we had to drive out to Greensburg for our dinner appointment which was an extra 20 minute drive. I am so sick of sitting in a car. Man. But after that things were ok. ha ha. It was a crazy couple of days!

Saturday was so sweet! We had plans to contact a bunch of referrals we had gotten and literally nothing went right. Including almost running out of gas in the middle of nowhere. BUT the night finished off so good. We ended up not taking dinner because we had not contacted anyone and driving out to Osgood for a referral, who let us right in! Elmer and Lois. They are sweet! They knew exactly who we were and what we had to share. Their daughter is a member in Kentucky and is actually who referred them to us. We whipped out the Book of Mormon and my mind was blown with how much they loved it! They were diggin it! Lois said something like, I'll really have to pray about this while I'm reading...but wait it's not the bible...but it is like the bible right? Then why not pray about it! Yeah I'm going to pray and read it! Ha ha it was sweet. They also want us to teach their 84 yr old preacher! Woo!

Well I'm out of time. I love you all so much! The work here is great. I love being a missionary so much. We are inviting CV and Emily to baptism tonight! It's going to be sweet! The Church is true. The Book of Mormon is true. Jesus does live and love us!

Have a great week!

-Elder Robinson

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Simple things..........

     So the other night we were tired and sat outside with the dog. It started to sprinkle and it smelled like rain. Lucky was rolling in the grass and the breeze started to blow. It was so nice just to sit outside with nature and remember the simple things. So we sat there being silly. We didn't care. It had been a long day and we just wanted to enjoy the outside. Just Chet, Wendy and Lucky.........      :]

Dear family,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACKSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 already?! Holy moly he is getting old! I know Chelsie is shaking her head at that comment ha ha. I love you Jackson!!!!!

So..I'm pretty sure James is as tall as me. WHAT! That can't happen! Geez that's insane! I don't see any facial hair though so that's good...Nate's is growing in more full though! Oh man Mama Marsh! I love that family. Like a lot. I need to send them a letter. I need to send Sally a letter! Man it's been forever! Oh and hey you should totally send me a picture of Brady Bills married! Well, once they are. That is pretty crazy too. The things that happen when you aren't at home for 2 years!

Well this week was a pretty great week. We did A LOT of driving. I'm pretty tired of sitting in that car. Ha ha. Did i tell you we got a new one? Well yeah it's not the van anymore, it's a Toyota Corolla. 169 mi on it when we got it! Anyway, this week we had Zone Conferences in Montgomery. They were sweet! The problem was, because we have 3 elders who need to get up and ready in the morning,  pack to stay in Lawrenceburg that night and on the way drop off our stuff at the apartment, and drive an hour and twenty minutes to get to the church building, we had to get up at 3:30am. I was sleeping well but that threw it all off! Ha ha. This past week i have been so tired all the time. Plus i woke up this morning with a stiff neck. I'm Stiffnecked! ;) Zone conferences were focused on Christ's church and the organization of it. President and Sister Nilsen tore it up! They went through all the points of doctrine in the original church that Christ set up when he was here and then they went through the Great Apostasy when a lot was lost, and then the Restoration. It is so amazing all the things that we have today. How incredibly blessed we truly are to have this gospel. All the things restored, right in front of us. And we can know that it is all true by the power of the Holy Ghost. The Book of Mormon. Prophets and Apostles and on-going revelation. The Priesthood. Baptism by immersion. The Gift of the Holy Ghost and the spiritual gifts that come with it. The Nature of God. The Plan of Salvation. Temples and forever families. We are so blessed. It makes me so sad when someone rejects it or knows it and will not have it in their lives. I love it and i love it when someone else embraces it!

Terry is doing great! He came to church again and is loving it. He said that this is the first ward since the one he was baptized in that he actually feels loved and welcomed in! We're sending him scriptures of the day every day and loving it. He is such a cool guy. It wonderful to see him doing so well!

This morning we went to bishops house to drop off some things and to give some surprise service. As we were washing the dishes his daughter came out and started talking with us. She's had a rough time these past few years but has recently moved back in with her mom and dad and is doing so much better. We ended up having a SWEET lesson with her and she is committed to stop smoking by September 9th! Woo! It was awesome. The spirit was way strong and we all felt it. Elder Laird decorated her cigarette box with a picture of the Salt Lake Temple and a picture of Jesus while I wrote a scripture and a "Jesus Loves You!" on every cigarette she had. She took one and went outside for maybe a minute and came back in and read her scriptures instead ha ha. Boo yah!

Transfers are this week! We don't really know what will be happening. It can either be a very normal day or be the craziest of our lives. So we will see!

Well that's the week! I gotta go now! Being a missionary rocks. It's so hard but so rewarding! I hope and pray I can continue finding prepared people who need the Atonement. Gosh i'm so grateful for what Christ did for all of us. He set the greatest example and died to save us all. I love him so much.

Have a great week!

-Elder Robinson