Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

I always forget our Temple anniversary. It is important and I don't know why we both do it. We got a card in the mail today from my Mom and Chet asked me why. I had to think. I remember that day with sadness and with hope. I remember being sealed to Chet, then my Mom held Nate as he was being sealed to us. Outside the Temple Chet Michael and Chelsie were waiting with Chet's family. I knew that I was laying the foundation and hoped that I could complete it with having all my children sealed to Chet and I. That was July 11, 1987. We now have finished our foundation by having all our children sealed to us, December 15, 2000. I remember how we faced each other. I remember the boys watching. I felt complete. Where there was a small separation, the gap had been closed. As a little girl I had always wanted to be married in the Temple. When we were not able to, we started to make plans. Just less than 2 years later was our special day. I have three very special anniversaries. August 3, 1985 the day I married my best friend. July 11, 1987 the day I married my best friend in the Temple. December 15, 2000 the day we were finally a family forever.