Saturday, August 25, 2012

Here we go again.........

     I realized today that I hadn't blogged. I know you all have been waiting for it. Well maybe all 20 of you who read this. But I thought the last blog was so exciting that I would just let that one roll over to this one. My week was such a normal week that I couldn't think of anything to say. I am really tired of getting up early for school and it's only the first week. James is keeping up on his homework and that's good. Here's to keeping up on sleep and homework!! Now let's see if the dishes and laundry will get done one day a week by the good fairies I keep hoping will visit my house!!

Dear Family,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHET MICHAEL!!!!!!!!!! I love you!!!!!!!!!!

Sounds like a fun and busy week in Utah! I'm happy to hear that everyone is doing well! I love that story of the Book of Mormon and how it changed his outlook on it. That is so true. I love that book! And James is dancing with girls at stake dances! Whahh that's crazy! 

This week has been amazing! I love it here. These areas are great. It's pretty crazy having two areas, but i love it! It keeps us mighty busy!! We did have a miracle on Thursday! Our dinner appointment fell through and we found ourselves asking what should we do now? Then the name of a less active we've been trying to get in to came in our minds and we decided to go and if he wasn't there then we would go have dinner. We went there and we got in! Actually he couldn't lock the door when we were outside. The lock wouldn't lock until after we got inside! Pretty cool ya!? Woo! But anyway we had a powerful lesson! We bore testimony and the spirit was there to bless and help him! He opened up and he came to church yesterday and loved it! He also met with the bishop yesterday too! He said all the talks and everything were directed to him and it was so awesome. He is doing great! And before that we dropped by a lees active who wasn't home but we did teach her grand-daughter! The spirit was definitely there! It was awesome. We're going back tonight!

Indiana is so different. Lately I've noticed that I draw off of the spirit of others. Well on their attitudes and things like that. Like when I came here (Indiana) i was told tracting was a bad idea and we shouldn't do it. But of course, not every part of your day is full and works out just the way you planned it so sometimes you find that all your plans fall through. Then what? Sit around? NO. We got a referral the other day that we went to contact who wasn't home so as we were about to leave i felt and heard a big, "Do not leave until you have knocked these neighbor's doors Elder." It was hard to just do it because these other elders are so new and have been here for their whole missions and have been told the very thing i was when i came here. So i started my way anyway. It actually turned out great! Every single person was nice and we got a few potentials out of it. And now come to think of it, looking back I can't remember a door I've knocked here where there was a bad experience. So what the heck! Ha ha. I just love the spirit and how it does lead us and guide us. We just have to have faith and act! I love being a missionary. I have felt the Lord's influence so much in me. I love the promptings of the spirit, they are so sacred. We should each hold them to be sacred and do what the Lord wants us to do as revealed through the Holy Ghost. Not always is it what you want to do or hear, but whatever it is, it will always be for the benefit of His children whether it be for us or someone else!

I love being here. I love this gospel! I love the message of the temple. Hopefully i can get there in the next week or so! It's been about a year! These two Elders I serve with are awesome. They have helped me a ton. The people of Indiana are so amazing and loving! Believe it or not, Indiana is a great place to serve! The best place to serve! ;) This Gospel is so true. The Savior does live and he does love each of us. The atonement is real. The priesthood is real. The Book of Mormon is true!

I love you family! Thank you for everything you do!! Have a great week!

-Elder Robinson

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Along came a Spider.............

      Our little neighbor Seth came knocking on our door. "We found a tarantula!! Do you want to come see it?" I told him we would get our shoes on and come upstairs to see it. So up we go. Chet had gone the other way to take the trash out and I was looking around when I spotted it. I almost said some really choice words!!! I started calling Chet to hurry because I was alone with this hairy creature. He looked around then goes "Holy Moly!!!!" The neighbors open their door and didn't realize it had crawled up to the side of it. They start freaking and close the door really fast. They run to the bedroom window for safety and to watch Awesome Chet capture the hairy creature.

     Chet was not so calm when doing this. He was saying at this point "I can't do this!! Now what?!" Then he kind of screamed/laughed when he slid the lid on to keep it in. He said it moved so fast it freaked him out. The kids were in the window screaming/laughing. Well I think Mayra was crying a little. But when the spider seems as big as you are I would cry too!

      So then after we were all safe Chet started chasing a praying mantis around the porch and I screamed and ran. Yup........we all just laughed!! What a night and James is so getting extra points for the 9th grade bug project!!! I can't wait till that is done!! I hate collecting bugs!! I grateful that Chet will come running when I call him with a jar in hand!!!!!!

Dear family,

A girl checking James out? Hah! Oh my... is he old enough to notice those things now? Wowee! I love hearing about all the missionary mom stuff! Tina is awesome. And i loved the package! Thank you so much! Our window is all colored up! The picture is right above my desk and i already have worn the shirt! And thank Grandma and Grandpa for the money it really helps so much!! And the talks!! Oh man i flippin when i saw those!! thank you!!

So this week has been pretty awesome! First off, we have Elder Culler now! It's said like color. Like the color blue. He is awesome! He's been out for 9 months now and is solid. It's so fun being in a tri-companionship!! Especially if it is your whole district in one companionship ha ha. We are having a blast! And van is so sweet. It's pretty crazy trying to schedule days for both areas through out the week, but we're kind of getting the hang of it. The weirdest part of my week was going to church with out my companions by my side! They had to go to Lawrenceburg for church so I just stuck around with members during church. Oh man it was so weird. So lonely!

On Tuesday we found a new investigator! His name is Zach and he's the son of a less active. He's 14. He was at his grandma's house when we dropped by and we watched the Restoration DVD and invited him to church, which took a little persuasion. We agreed to lunch afterwards at the bishop's and with a quick drum lesson (he really wants to learn how to play) and then a gospel lesson. Get the work done any way you can right?! He ended up not being able to make it but he's a pretty sweet kid and we're trying again this week.

Ok so i said that the weirdest thing was being lonely at church, but no i have something weirder! On Saturday we did some service by helping a member move into some new apartments here in Batesville. We were planning it on taking somewhere around and hour to two hours but it ended up taking us about 5! So it started out fine, we loaded up trucks and a trailer in less than an hour and then got to the new apartments to start unloading. We made a one trip but on our second trip up the elevator stopped working. We ended up being stuck in there for an hour! And it wasn't just us. Six of us crammed into a little elevator full of rugs and boxes and all sorts. Two of the guys were ex cons and one was EXTREMELY claustrophobic. It got mighty crazy in there with them three ha ha. We heard many jail stories and many expletives that i haven't heard since I've been on my mission! It was pretty funny though. The interesting thing though is that i was completely calm. In fact all 3 of us missionaries were. It was strange to see this big roughed up guy covered in tattoos look like he was about to die just because of fear! I knew i wasn't going to die but it did make me think of the Plan of Salvation. I have no fear of the unknown. I know what is after this life! And i know that what i am doing is right. So why worry! It was a pretty fun experience. I thought about teaching them in there but there was no way ha ha it was too crazy. But eventually everyone calmed down..after the fire department got us out! Thank you Batesville Fire Department!

Well that's about it for this week. It was fairly eventful! I love the spirit. I've been focusing a lot on it lately. That and keeping the faith. My studies have been so awesome this week. I love studying the scriptures and being taught by the spirit. I also love having the spirit bring to my remembrance the things i need to say the second i need it! I love the Plan of Salvation and that families are forever. I LOVE the temple. I love love love it. I need to go. It's been almost a year since i've been :( but i'll be going soon! I love my Savior so much and i am so grateful for what he did for me and my family! The Gospel is true. This is the true and living church. Jesus lives!

I love you!

-Elder Chrys Robinson

Saturday, August 11, 2012

A full mind makes for a boring blog.........

     Well I guess my mind was so full of ideas I couldn't decide what to write. So I guess I will let the Elder entertain you for this week. I will gather my thoughts and work on a better entry for next week. Hey, at least I'm blogging......a miracle in itself!!  

Dear Family,

The chicken story reminds me of mine and Elder Riggs' milk story. That's so funny though. It was so bad that you had to get rid of the freezer ha ha! Ours wasn't that bad luckily. But it was a few months expired. :D

This past week was AMAZING! Things are moving along so quickly here. The members are so supportive! It doesn't feel like our companionship is carrying the load, it feels like we've got another 100 missionaries serving with us! I haven't seen anything like this before. I wish it could be like this everywhere! Saturday we had a great day. We did a ton of service with Bishop Watkins and did some great things. To finish up the night we had dinner with him and his wife and we shared a video from the D&C Resource DVD's called "The Gospel shall roll forth" and the spirit was pretty strong. Bishop afterwards had the idea to show that in Sacrament meeting so we ran over to the church and set up the projector for up in front of the chapel. That sacrement meeting was the best and most spiritual i have ever been to! Bishop got up and talked about the 40 day fast and how wonderful it has been for him to be a part of it then turned the time to us and the video. The spirit was so strong I think more than half the members were in tears! I know I was! Then bishop got up again and bore a powerful testimony of this work and turned the time to the members who took up the whole time sharing missionary experiences and testimonies. It was incredible! For the final song we sang The Spirit of God and by that time and during the prayer there were lots of sniffles going around. I haven't felt the spirit so strong I don't think ever! Then after that we did a preach my gospel training for elders quorum which went so good. After it all the members were so pumped and excited. It was such a great experience!

On Friday we found Chauncelette! Crazy name huh! She is awesome! She has been going to a church since she was 12 taking her brothers and sisters with her. Her parents are pretty against church which is sad so they don't go with. But she is so solid! We invited her to church and she will be there this Sunday with her siblings! She rocks. Then Yesterday we had dinner with the bishop again and he had some friends from work that he invited over who are so prepared! CV and Emily are their names. They have both been in prison and have really experienced the lowest of the lows and are really willing to change that! They just got married and have a baby on the way. Emily pretty much already believes all of what we believe!! I left a Book of Mormon on the table as we ate to see if they would pick it up and Emily picked it up and read parts of it and put it in her purse. Ha ha! We taught with the family all around with their help and the spirit was definitely there. Especially as Elder Laird recited the first vision. It was awesome. We have an appointment set up for Sunday but bishop wants to do a chapel tour before then. So we'll see what happens! What a way to finish off the 40 day fast!! Woo!

This week will be the week we take over Lawrenceburg! So we'll be getting Elder Culler! He is awesome! It's funny though because my district was just us and them. Now it'll be us 3. So the whole district will be in one companionship with me as the district leader. District meetings are going to be so goofy ha ha! Oh and we'll be getting a new car! Yay!

Well it's time I best be going. I wish I had more time because so much more happened! But that's ok. I love this Gospel so much. I love having the knowledge that families are forever, and knowing that mine is! I love my Savior. I have been so blessed to meet so many wonderful people that have blessed my life. My companions, investigators, members, random people on doorsteps and at the side of streets, all have been a blessing to me. I hope I have been one to them too. I love them all. Being a missionary is so challenging, fun, exciting and joyful. I wouldn't trade these experiences for anything. I love missionary work!

I love you family! Thank you all for your love and support. It means so much to me! Have a great week!

-Elder Robinson

Friday, August 3, 2012

Still here 27 years later............

      When I look at this picture I think, man we were such babies!! Just 19 and 24!! That seems like a whole lifetime ago, but at the same time, just yesterday. We took of running and some days I feel like it's a slow stroll haha! So many things have happened since this day, good and bad. But that's what it's all about. I would do it all again! I can't wait to spend my forever with this Man!!! I love you to eternity and beyond Chet!!!!  <3 p="p">

Dear family,

I did not know the Olympics were started until 2 days after it did. Ha ha. I must be like weird or something. Wow 27 years! Sheesh that's awesome!! You two are the coolest. :D I am so happy for Tanner!! Washington sounds awesome! I'll bet Mama Marsh is just doing flips. In other words excited. ha ha. AND........HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHLEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This past week rocked. And i first have to tell you about yesterday! President and Sister Nilsen came to the Batesville ward for the 3rd hour 5th Sunday lesson and totally rocked the house! Holy cow it was awesome. Sister Nilsen got up first and spoke for about 10-15 minutes on Preach My Gospel and some miracles and things that are happening in the mission right now and bore a great testimony. She is so sweet. I think she would get along so well with mom ha ha. Then after that President got up and introduced himself and gave some background. A bishop of the Batesville Ward from a long while ago married his sister so he knows quite a bit of people from the ward already and knows the stake president and bishop here really well. After that he began talking about how incredible this church and gospel really is, and how it is a fact the God The Eternal Father and Jesus Christ really did appear to Joseph Smith. He did go in a lot of detail of that but i don't have time or the finger strength to type it all in, ha ha. Then he had us all list out the things we have received from that vision and expounded on each one,  then asked each person to think back to someone they know that they feel has been prepared to hear the gospel. And sure enough, almost everyone in there had 1 or more names. It was amazing! So basically this week is going to be full of collecting those names from them. After that we were invited to have lunch at the Stake President's house with President and Sister Nilsen and Bishop Watkins and his wife. That's a lot of keys in one house! It was amazing too! President basically forced us into eating a bunch of ice cream before we left. ha ha. He's such a cool guy.

The rest of the week was a pretty busy one too, we had a couple days open in the 40 day fast so we fasted a few. Oh man i haven't fasted this much ever! But we have definitely seen so much more power in our teaching and finding. It's been great. I felt the spirit more in this past week than i have my whole life! Thursday was our busiest day, we had 6 lessons! Which if you didn't know, 3 or 4 is a pretty solid day. We were running around everywhere! And this week we already have more appointments set up than we can handle! Ha ha the members are really starting to step up. This is what we have been fasting praying and working for. It's so great to finally see it all pay off.

AND it is finally raining here! Ha ha. Things are starting to green up which is good. Is was more dead over here than Utah!

Well there isn't too much more to talk about, and it's time to go anyway. I really love being a missionary. I never knew I could feel so much love in my heart for other people. I never knew I could love the scriptures and the gospel so much. I never knew I could feel so much gratitude and love for my family and friends. I never knew I could be a part of miracles. I never knew how much the Savior loved me, and all this I know now because I came to serve. I am so grateful to be a missionary. I just want to serve. I want to find and bring people to Christ. I love it! Oh man i love it. If there is anyone who has the opportunity to serve, don't pass it up! I mean it! It's the greatest 2 years ever. You will not regret it. I know Jesus Christ lives and loves each one of us. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. I know that Joseph Smith was truly called of God! I am so grateful for the spirit in speaking all of this to me and my Heavenly Father in allowing me to teach his children.

I love you all!! Have a great week! Share the gospel with someone!

-Elder Robinson