Friday, January 27, 2012

Just Rambling............

     So I don't really have anything to say this week. I'm really not a blogger. I think I ramble more than anything. After the Elder gets home I think my blog will grow cobwebs. Just for your information, I don't know why it puts the white back ground on his letters. I am not a computer person either. Just so you know.......

Dear Family,

Well that doesn't sound like a boring week to it ever boring in Utah? Hmm. It's just one big Mormon party how can it be boring?! Ha ha. Anyway that's good you got that leak fixed! And it's snowing there eh? It sounds like country is finally getting cold ha ha. It is here...

So this past week was...well.... just a little awesome! First off we had our first ice storm this season! It was crazy!!! Being from Utah i was like, pshhhh this winter is nothin! But once that hit my view changed a bit ha ha...It was raining outside and it was 23 degrees! I didn't even know that was possible! It was SO fun though. It rained friday night and when we woke up EVERYTHING was frozen. We went to get in our car to leave for an appointment and we spent 20 minutes scraping just the front windshield! It was really cold so we took turns scraping and while one was scraping the other was sliding around on the ice ha ha. We even made a video of it. There was a nice lady that was outside and i was like, "we're from Utah we're new!" and she felt bad for us and gave us a really nice scraper to use so we weren't out there for days. It was great. And all on video. Ha!

Funniest thing ever....A guinea pig peed on Elder Riggs at an investigators house last week. It peed his pants. HA HA HA HA! It was shedding and he was putting it's hair on me so i told him i hoped it would pee on him. And it did!! I can't put into words how funny that was.

Thank you so much for the package! It was great!! I love how whenever I run out of Nutella and Oxi Clean you always get some to me ha ha. I've never had to buy it! The family picture is great! Both of them! They're on my desk now and the picture of the temple is on the wall :) Thank you so much! I think i now have enough pens and post-it notes to last me my mission! So My birthday was pretty good! We weren't able to leave our apartment because of the ice storm so we deep cleaned our apartment and updated all our papers and maps. It was very much needed! That night some members took us out to a Mexican restaurant which is rare! There's like 2 Mexican restaurants here in all of Ohio ha ha there's no Spanish people here! And of course there's Chipotle......which i don't like at all ha ha. Cafe Rio is SOOO much better. After that we went to the Weavers for cake! They are so awesome! I love love love those people. They made me a ice cream cake that they put in the garage to keep cold....which we later found out was a bad idea ha ha. They went to surprise me with it and it had melted everywhere. I DIED laughing!!! Oh my gosh it was the best. After that we went sliding down their driveway for a bit taking pictures and videos and such. SO fun! We found out that using a wreath to slide on doesn't work...well Alexis did ha ha. Then! To finish it all off! We had an awesome lesson with Chelsea. She is so spiritual. We taught her more about the Book of Mormon and committed her to read it and to pray about it. It was cool though, we felt like we didn't need to really teach her this time, just testify and let her feel the spirit! Then commit! And we did and it rocked! It was definitely one of the best birthdays ever!

We're doing something in the mission right now called 2-2-5. It where at member's houses when we go for dinner or something, we knock on the houses 2 to the left, walk across the street and knock 5 to the right, then cross again and knock 2 to the right ending back at the member's home. It's working quite well! There was actually one experience last week that was pretty cool, we were 2-2-5 ing the Terry's home and felt like it wasn't where we needed to be, so we got in the car and prayed. We knew then that we needed to be a couple streets over to find someone there. So we went to this other street, prayed, and the 2nd house we knocked on we found Ashley! She is so cool! And she loves to pray for everyone! We were able to teach her part of the restoration and we're going back tomorrow to finish it up! Boy am i grateful for the Lord being with us leading us to her! And keeping us warm while doing this in a snow storm!

Transfers are next week! Don't know what's going to happen. Elder Riggs has been here for 9 months and since the new policy the church has put out, Elder Riggs can stay another. It'd be crazy if he does though ha ha that is so long in one area! Oh and it's his first area too! Sheesh. I will let you all know what happens!

It was definitely a great week. Looking forward to next week! I've been pretty sick these past weeks with migraines and a crazy cough that won't go away and now some sinus stuff. I'm praying i can get over it soon. It's really getting irritating! I hope you all have a wonderful week! Be safe! Enjoy that dry dry cold!! Love you!!

-Elder Robinson

Saturday, January 21, 2012

     So wedding plans are up, down then up again. I know things will work out weddings do somehow, it's just stressful getting there. But we choose to smile and laugh so we don't go crazy!! To top it off our ceiling started leaking this morning in our bedroom. We are very grateful for our landlords and their willingness to help in emergencies!! This is also Chrys' first birthday away from us. We also can't talk to him so that is a little weird. But I know that he is getting a cake and we made one too. We made one when our oldest was on his mission in Russia. It's what we do. A little silly maybe, but lets celebrate!! Your only 21 on the 21st once!! So here's to another week of craziness for the Robinson's.......bring it!!!!    :]Dear Family,

It's so weird hearing about you all preparing for Nate's wedding! And me not having a part in it ha ha woa. It's still like...whahh? SALLY!! Tell her i will be getting a letter out soon! It's been so crazy here i just don't have time. People like to schedule things on our preparation days ha ha. Lizzie had a baby?? Wow congrats! That's so exciting! James and basketball eh? I've been playin a lot too! We'll have to have a good 1 on 1 when i'm home ;)

Ok so first off, i forgot it was my birthday this week ha ha. Well i remembered last week but i don't think it has hit me yet. It's a strange thing this mission does to ya.

So last week we had an Elder come home from California that we were able to be companions with for a day! He came home and wasn't able to be released until the next day. It was so fun! It was funny because we happened to have interviews with President Nilsen that day and he was able to tag along. We all talked him into acting like he was just a new missionary and try to get in an interview with him ha it was hilarious..until i had to spill the beans. He took me in and had the interview but before we left he grilled me on him ha ha so i had to tell him. He knew he wasn't one of his missionaries but wanted to make sure he wasn't just having a senior moment ha ha even though he's only 52. It was a great day though.

Right now in the ward there is some interesting things happening....on the dating side of things. Brother Weaver had a girlfriend in Utah that he met for the first time on Saturday and they are planning on getting married already. Woa! They are so perfect for each other though! It's almost scary how perfect they are. So we were able to meet her and talk with her when we went over for an investigator lesson on Sunday. It was great. The other thing is with Linda Bell...ha ha she's going to singles activities and at the moment has her sights on another member who we call The Johnson. He is probably my most favorite person! He's had a rough life but is ALWAYS smiling. He's had a couple car accidents that have really messed him up and he has some brain damage along with that. But right now since we just baptized Linda, we're like the middle-men kinda in this ha ha. When something happens she calls us all excited. It's so fun. She really does deserve happiness and they are great together! It's a pretty fun time right now. There is so much love in the ward right now :/ it's funny.

 This last Sunday we went on a investigator search to get them to church ha ha. It was actually quite a miracle we found them! It was for Kaylee and Tristian who's mom is a member we are reactivating. It's going really well!! But the kids live with their dad on the weekends and he isn't so willing to get them to church. This past weekend they were there and Amanda their mom could not get a hold of them at all and she had been calling for days trying to get a hold of them. She was basically pretty afraid something had happened to them. So we said a prayer Sunday morning and felt prompted to go find them, so we got the address from Amanda and started on our way, having absolutely no clue where this house was ha ha! It is in another area that we have been in like 3 times between the both of us. So we started driving and we got pretty far in the area just taking turns where we though we should, again not knowing where we were or how to really get back home. We eventually were pretty lost and didn't know what to do until we came to a street named Xenia Dr. I was like "ha, maybe it means Xenia Elders drive here." So kind of jokingly we turned on it and that street led us to the exact street we were looking for! We were dying oh my gosh it was so funny. So we took that road to the house and right as soon as we found the house they pulled up but only because they had to run inside to grab something. So we jumped out and said hi and talked for a bit and found out they were with their grandpa not their dad, which was a good thing! So after we left we called Amanda and told her and she was able to get a hold of them. It may sound like a small thing but it was still a miracle! We were literally led by the spirit every step of the way! It was such a cool experience.

It's been a great week that's for sure. This week will be even better! We have some great lessons lined up already and we're so looking forward to them. Plus some of our investigators are making a birthday cake for me on Saturday at the Weavers :) i love these people. I just love being a missionary. It is too amazing. Mom and Dad, I too can say for myself, the day i left for my mission is the day my life was saved. I am SO grateful i have this opportunity to serve. I don't know where or who i would be with out this gospel and this mission. I love it so much. And i don't want to come home! Ha ha. I thank Heavenly Father everyday for this opportunity and for the influence of my family. You are all so wonderful! I am so grateful He watches over you and it is so cool to see so many blessings coming to you!

I love you all! Have a great week!!! Be safe!!

-Elder Robinson

Saturday, January 14, 2012

     The only thing I can think about today is I want a disco ball. Yup. That's about it. Wouldn't that be fun to have one and dance the night away!! A disco ball........I guess that's a little silly. But dancing to your favorite song makes you feel good. So why not have one so you can have some mood lighting.........A disco ball.......

Dear Family,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHELSIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A card will be on the way :) I love you!!!!!

Oh man that is crazy with all the wedding things going on! My brother is getting married!!!! Woo! I'm glad to hear James is doing well. That seriously made all the difference for me, choosing good friends. I'd say they were one of the biggest influences in me coming out here to serve. I don't know who i would be with out them.

Well, another great week has past! It wasn't as crazy as the week before, but it's been really good! First off, I ate 2600 calories in one sitting at McDonald's on friday. I don't recommend that....Ha ha. It gave me a McHeadache.

We were able to find 3 new people to teach and only 1 of them was from all those return appointments we got. Ha ha. Yeah, out of 18 all but 1 fell through. Friday was probably the hardest day. We had 5 appointments and none of them were home! So we went finding for most of the day and we seriously talked to like 2 people. I don't know what it was but it seemed that everyone was in a bad mood and didn't want to talk with us. It stunk. The only people we were able to teach that day was some members at our dinner appointment! Ahh it was a really rough day. We were feelin pretty down. But we kept going! The next day was pretty much the same. It was hard. Thank goodness for Sundays! It was amazing! It was so recharging! It was exactly what we both needed, and we finished the week off strong and found our last investigator for the week! We as a zone did "destroy the standard"! We all together found 24 people! And most of them were in our own district! Woo!

So Elder Riggs broke the Beavercreek Elder's toilet today. He flushed it and it went all over. It was sooooo fun cleaning it up....

Last week we had a phone call from a member asking us if we could come share a lesson with her husband who is a non-member the following Monday night. So of course we said we would. We were actually pretty nervous for this one because he was very anti and had some very crazy doctrinal questions(more like bible-bashing questions) for us that we really didn't know how to answer. So this time i studied every second i got to answer the questions he asked us and i felt pretty prepared for the whole lesson, but when we got there he brought out even MORE! Ha ha. He basically anti'd us and told us nothing we taught was true. I had this whole chain of scriptures and things i could have used but when i went to use them all i could hear in my mind was just "Bare your testimony." So i did. I bore my testimony and after that his daughter bore testimony to him, then his wife bore hers which was the greatest testimony i think i've ever heard, then Elder Riggs bore his incredible testimony, then both of us bore testimony again. The spirit was SO strong! After that we asked him how he felt and he said he trusts his wife and said he'd consider reading the Book of Mormon to know for himself. I know it was the spirit that prompted us to bare testimony because Heavenly Father knew it was the only thing that would help him. The spirit was the only thing that could have taught him and confirmed to him of what we bore testimony of. It was just amazing. It was one of the most powerful moments I've had on my mission so far.

This week has been going great so far, our investigators had to be pushed back another week for baptism but are all still planning on it. January 28th! We found 2 new people to teach yesterday, and hopefully tonight we can find another. Gosh, missionary work is so awesome! So many things happen and your mind is blown every day with seeing God's hand in this wonderful work! I don't think the joy felt in doing missionary work can ever be measured. There is just nothing else like it. I am just so grateful to have this opportunity to be out here. It is so great!

Well my family, i must be going. Thank you for being such great examples to me! Thank you for all the love and support you give me, I love you!! Have a great week!

-Elder Robinson

Friday, January 6, 2012

Not much to say so here's the Elder........

     Sorry people but I really don't have much to say this week so here's the Elder.......Go the Great Ohio!!  :]

Dear family,

Man, it feels like i haven't talked to you since last year! I'm glad new years was great for you all. Nothin better than to be surrounded by family! (besides being on a mission) James is a teacher!! He's growin up! That is so cool they let dad do that. The Mudd's? I'm not sure. Are they missionaries here? If so i could find them. That's way cool though!

So this past week.......i have got to say was SO AWESOME. It was probably the craziest! But it was the best. The beginning of the week was pretty normal and busy, we ran out of miles for our car on wednesday! That stunk ha ha. That night we were going on splits with a member to a lesson and we forgot something in the apartment so we ran across the grass and on the way back my foot found a pot hole and my ankle hit the ground. Perfect timing eh? The day we run out of miles is the day i sprain my ankle ha ha. The next morning my ankle was all swollen and purple and i really didn't want to get it checked out so we made a few phone calls and got a ride over to the Beavercreek Elder's to borrow a brace and a cane. That's right! A cane! Man i felt so cool. Anywayy, after we our ride drop us off at Wal-Mart for a investigator lesson/haircut and before Elder Riggs got out of the car the keys to our car, apartment, anything that is warm and has access to a fridge full of food fell out of his pocket in the member's car. We had no idea until he called us 20 minutes later to tell us he couldn't get them back until later that night. Awesome! So we decided we would just go tracting in an area by some members and see what happens. Mind you i'm Mr. Gimpy with a cane ha ha. But i still wanted to work! We ended up walking about 6 miles and got 1 return appointment. Woo! Satan never wins! We kick him in the face!

On new years eve we had a blitz with our Zone Leaders for most of the day, a blitz is where they come and get twice the work done in your area for the day. Elder Robbins and Shelton and I all went tracting for the whole day. We tracted all down this one street and all that we got was bible bashing verses thrown at our face which is no fun. But we kept going! We went onto this other street and no joke, 5 out of the 6 doors we knocked on we got a return appointment for. One family was even so nice they invited us in and fed us dinner ha ha! They were all Methodist and so nice. We gave them a Book of Mormon and they gave us all hugs and told us we were their New Year's blessing. That was cool. We'll be going by this week. Elder Riggs went with our other Zone Leader Elder Seeley and got one of our investigators on date for baptism!! January 28th! Woo! So right now we have the Thacker kids on date for January 21st, and Cody and Alex on date for the 28th. It's going to be a GREAT month!

On Sunday during church our district leader Elder Rose called and committed us to find another person to teach and for some reason it really pumped us up! We were worried we weren't going to have much time to find because of our dinner appointment, but it turned out that we didn't have one! We went out of the church running to our car yelling and making noises because we were so pumped to go find someone ha ha we got laughed at by some members but oh well! We ended up at some apartments not far from the church and tracted i'd say about 100 of them ha ha! It was soooo cold and we didn't have our jackets because we weren't planning on tracting but it was so fun! We ran from apartment to apartment and we got about 5 more return appointments from it. Right at the point where we were almost frozen to death we knocked on this one apartment at the very end of them all and some nice Muslim students let us in! And we taught them! They didn't speak English very well, but the spirit was there and thank goodness it speaks all languages!! Ha ha.

It was probably one of the most fun and hardest weeks of my mission so far. Because we worked hard and kept our focus and motivation, we found people who needed us. We got 3 new people in 3 days to teach and 19 return appointments set up for this week which is the most i have ever had!! This week is "destroy the standard week" and we are so planning on passing it up! What a way to begin the new year! I LOVE being a missionary. It has been THE most rewarding and enriching experience of my life. I am so grateful i can be out here sharing my testimony of Jesus Christ and the truth he has revealed to us. I am so grateful how much the Lord helps me to accomplish the things he asks of me. WOW what a wonderful week.

Until next week!! I love you all so much!

-Elder Robinson

P.S. I prayed after church that my ankle wouldn't hurt so i could do the work and as soon as i started tracting i wasn't limping any more!! Woo!!! The church is true.