Monday, July 25, 2011

It's HOT!!!!

Happy Pioneer weekend!! I love the talks I heard in church yesterday. But my favorite came from a sweet 12 year old who said to be a "Trailblazer". Just like the Pioneers there are still many things to be done. Be a Trailblazer. Chrys is a Trailblazer for being a missionary. What are you going to do today? What about tomorrow? I think I better get a list going myself!! I am grateful to be of Pioneer stock!! If they hadn't come to the Salt Lake valley, I wouldn't live in the beautiful state of Utah! I Love where I live! I love to visit other states, but I love to come home to Utah! July reminds me of how blessed I am to be living in the United States and to be free to worship the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Yes, I am of Pioneer stock.......and I am grateful!!

Dear family,
It is so good to hear from all of you. James is TALL! That shouldn't happen. Not allowed. Ha. And i see James is even tall enough for Dad's bike? Goodness. And buying new tube for it i can relate to, i've gone through 2 already ha ha. Awesome. Yes, that's Elder Turner's name! Ha ha he's sitting on the computer behind me. That is so cool! We've been calling each other brothers all week ha ha.
I am so blessed. This past week i've felt just overwhelmed with blessings. The other night we came in to get ready for bed and while i was laying down i thought, "man, i am so tired.....and why am i so happy?" ha ha. I've been the happiest i've ever been this past week. It's been amazing! Time is flying by. I just realized how far i am into my mission, and how much more time i have. Wow ha ha it motivates me to work even harder because i'm only out here for so long! And it's not even a long time! There is so much to be done.
It was so humid and hot this week. I have never experienced so much sweat ha ha! It was insane. We biked miles every day and boy oh boy did i drink a ton of water. It was in the upper 90's all week with what the people here say, is 100% humidity. We pretty much swam all week ha ha. The other day we were biking on the trail that goes through this big park, that one trail i took a video on. If you saw it. And a big deer jumped out in front of me and i almost crashed ha ha i laughed so hard.
Elder Pierce is awesome, i don't think there is a goofier missionary in Ohio ha ha. We're both pretty much laughing all day every day. We get slap happy a lot ha ha. He's a way hard worker too.
Wanna hear something weird? .....ok so yesterday i was told by a priest that he never sees me not reading in some doctrinal book. I was like...I am always reading. Weird! Ha ha I love it! I learn something new every day! My brain seems to have finally kicked it into high gear. What a blessing.
A women and a child were shot wednesday in the apartments across from us. Don't really know what to say about that. Sheesh.
A drunk also showed up at our door in the middle of the night asking for help. That was also interesting. He wasn't very receptive to the gospel when we visited him the next day but i know that if we wouldn't of answered the door and talked to him, who knows what he would of done. It was a pretty different experience. He's a great guy though. I hope we can help him.
My testimony of this work has grown so much. I can tell you that Christ is coming. And it'll be a lot sooner than we think. There is so much to be done! But i know this is true, and i know that this is the Lord's work. I know that we aren't alone. There are angels all around us to bear us up! I am grateful i am a part of this, to be an ambassador of Jesus Christ, how amazing! I love serving my God. I love my Savior. I know he is real and he loves each and every one of us. I am so grateful for all of you and how wonderful of a blessing you are in my life.
Be an example of the believers and have a great week!
- Elder Chrys Robinson

Monday, July 18, 2011

New Companions and Cousins.......

Well this past week Chrys asked us to look in a journal we have of a Grandfather on Chet's side of the family for names. He and another Elder had told the same story that happened in their families. So this morning each of the families sent the names and dates the Elders needed. I so wish I could have been in the library when they read each others letters!! Yes, they are cousins. How awesome for them to be serving in the same state that their family was baptized in. Two sides of Chrys' family lived where the Church started in Ohio. So great for Chrys!! He also has a new companion. Two funny guys living together. Let's see how this goes ha ha!

Dear family,
Aw man. Ryan just emailed me! That is so exciting! I got all giddy when i saw his email ha ha i was like woo! That is so cool. Tell Kevin i say helloooooooo. I love sally! There's a girl here in this ward that looks like her ha ha it's weird. Is Colten putting in his papers yet?? Let me know. WHAT?! Since when is it almost August?? Ha ha that's crazy!! Wow, CJ is almost done. Exciting! Corrine Bauer is serving a mission too? Oh man that is awesome! All these missionaries!! How amazing this work is, ya know? So many missionaries bringing the fullness of the gospel forth and crying repentance to the world! Ha ha so cool!
Transfers were awesome, i was able to see all my MTC district! Everyone except Elder Morley. I love those guys.Elder Pierce rocks, he's old! Ha ha he's been out a little over 18 months. He is super funny, i'm pretty much laughing all day. He's about 6'4" and 280 lbs. Big guy ha ha. He's teaching me the Ukulele! Elder Long was very bussiness like, and Elder Pierce is complete opposite ha ha. It's pretty different. This past week has been a very big learning experience. I realize how much i know about missionary work and about this area. I had no idea ha ha. I'll basically be senior companion till he can get around and get to know the members and such. It's hard but it is awesome!
Interviews with President Nilsen are this week, I AM SO STOKED. I have so many things to talk to him about ha ha. He's so awesome to just be around though. His main focus is love. Love everyone! He says we love the Savior because he loved us first. Same is with our companion. If you want the work to progress then you have to love and support your companion. President is so awesome. His other main focus is working through the members. Last night we were able to sit and talk over every single less active and part member family in the ward and see what the ward needs. It's very cool. President Hinckly promised that if we work with members the work will double. That's what we are working on this week.
It is SO HOT. This week the humidity is going to be up in the 90's as well as the temperature. Yay! . . .It's so humid right now it feels like i'm in a sauna ha ha and it's all foggy and what not. It's pretty great.
My focus on the work is increasing every day. I feel more and more independent and i feel and recognize the spirit more each day. Especially this last week. I love being a missionary, i love love love it. I love bearing my testimony to others and teaching them about this restored gospel. I love these people out here. I love this ward. I love my Savior. I know Joseph Smith was called to restore this gospel. I know the Book of Mormon is true. I am so so so grateful for this gospel and what it does for me and families all over the world. I love it.
ELDER TURNER AND I ARE RELATED!!!!!!!! Ha ha!! We just printed out our emails like 30 seconds ago to compare, and we're related! Oh man ha ha that is so funny!!
I love you all so much. Thank you for everything you have done for me. You are each in my prayers! Talk to you next week!
-Elder Robinson

Monday, July 11, 2011

A week of many things.........

It has been a week of many things. I held a Giant African Centipede. It felt like a moving toothbrush. Show no fear was all I was thinking at the time. I was glad that I did it because when was I going to have the opportunity to do it again? I hand fed a duck the next day with James and the grand kids. I walked and walked because I can. I am grateful for that! I have pictures that I can look at so the memories of my time with my family is still with me. I cherish that! My sweet dog Lucky traveled with us and was very good. We also got some really cute pictures of her. I love that after almost 16 years with us, she still loves us! I get to spend some quiet time with Chet this week. I am grateful for this. It doesn't happen very often. Yes, this has been a week of many things....... :]

Dear family,
109 days?? WHAT?! ha ha i don't believe it. Sounded like you had a lot of fun in New Mexico! Mom! That's awesome! I'm glad you were able to go out and have fun! A Giant African Centipede?? Woa! Way to go in Sacrament! Prayers really do invite the spirit in. I'm involved in Sacrament every Sunday just about in some way or another ha ha. It's great. Aww my Harris. I miss that little man. I got his card this last week and i loved it. I am writing him back today! Oops! I think Chelsie did write me a letter! Ha ha i feel so bad. I think it was the week of me leaving the MTC...and i really didn't have time to do anything, it was crazy. Sorry! I will find it and write back! I am also writing Emily back today and a few other people. This has been the first Prep-Day i've had in a while where i get to sit back and relax ha ha. I've been doin all sorts of things! Tell Judy i said hi!! The mom of Buy Low! Ha ha i love her. Oh man a family box? What am i to do? Ha ha i'm putting together a family box as well, but i'm waiting till after transfers this next week to get a few of the things for all of you. Cade Terris way to go!! Missions are the coolest! I laughed at that comment you made about Nate and Ashlee ha ha. That is so great they are happy! I would love to hear from them... . . . .hint hint nudge nudge.
Ok so this week, i found out that one of the elders south of us might be related to me....ha ha. We were talking and he mentioned about how one of his ancestors met the 3 Nephites, and i was like hey me too! So were talking a little more and found out that their last name was Rogers, and i was like hey me too! Ha ha. The stories were actually very similar. So...could you give me some names on all of that side so i could see if they match up with his? He's doing the same in his email right now too ha ha.
We were able to teach someone new this week, named Brandon. Pretty solid kid! We had dinner at Mary McCann's and she had Brandon there who is her granson. He wants to be a Baptist preacher! Ha ha he's so cool. Most reasons why people won't talk to the missionaries or members of the LDS church is because of the rumors they hear, which are all incorrect by the way. When we are able to talk with them about them it takes like 5 minutes to clear all of them up. This was Brandon's case, so we were able to talk about everything he had heard about us and cleared everything up! We taught him about the restoration and a major part about the Book of Mormon. We asked him to say the closing prayer and he said in it that he was grateful for God bringing us to him to talk him into converting to the truth. Ha ha awesome! And he came to church yesterday and talked to the Bishop and said he was coming back! Yeah, he'll be baptized.
I think one of the things i've learned most about while out here thus far, has been about other religions. In columbus there are TONS of different churches. Pretty much a different church on almost every single corner. It's crazy. But nice at the same time because a majority of the people here believe in God. We have an appointment this week with this guy that has been to seriously every church and faith you can think of. He was even a free mason! Which oddly enough, is one that i know most about because it's a big source of anti here. He is searching for the truth and i am so stoked that we can bring it to him!
I have to go, but i love all of you so much! Thank you for being such a wonderful family and a wonderful example of the believers! Reach out to someone this week! I promise there can be nothing better than sharing something you love so much with someone else. I love this gospel. I love the peace and joy it brings into my life and that i have this privelege to bring it to the people here in Ohio. Joseph Smith is a true prophet called of God to restore this truth in these latter days. The Book of Mormon is TRUE! I love you! Have a great week!
-Elder Robinson

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Family Time................

This is our first 4th of July away from Chrys. It was kind of weird not having him light everything on fire! We have been enjoying the love, laughter, hugs, screams of excitement and just plain being around each other!! I am grateful to have my family. To have my freedom. To be able to drive all day in a small car to see my grandkids, it caused us to be "car crazy", but it was worth it!! We still have a few more adventures before we leave on our journey home. But I am grateful to be where I am today!!!!

Dear family,
Wow you guys are in New Mexico?? Since when?? Ha ha. Well that's cool! Yeah i was talking to brother Coulter on the phone yesterday and mentioned that you were there and i was like what?? No fair. Then i said, wait a minute, i'm on a mission. Ha ha. It's the other way around! Ohh my mushy face family, i love you all so much. You know, i'm pretty sure i can feel all those Chrys hugs ha ha. Just the other day i for another reason other than being on a mission, felt good.! I really do feel of all your love though. Oh my i love lucky! How is she doing? Still my old puppy? Ha ha. So the whole family is there? That is way cool! Give all of Chelsie's boys (including Chuck) my love! And tell him the shower experience in the MTC is no longer. What did he call it...the tree of life? I dunno. They got rid of that fun though ha ha.
This past week has been probably the longest and shortest so far. Ha ha a missionaries time is so weird. Days go by like weeks and weeks like days. I was senior companion all week for the last of my training. It went well, i learned a lot! This Thursday is when i am officially out of the training program! Ha ha i'm still such a baby! But it's all good.
We were able to meet President Nilsen and his family yesterday! They are SO awesome! And young! He is a ridiculously successful man! He spoke briefly about what he's done in his life and at one point he was world wide president for Burger King ha ha! So crazy! And he brought Taco bell from being number 14 on the top drive through list to number 2 in the nation. And 6 years ago he bought Cafe Rio. When he bought is it had just opened their 6th restaurant and when he left they opened their 41st! It was also named the number 1 fast food concept in the nation. Crazy huh? They are all so great though. I was able to get a few hugs from him and took a picture and everything. They said they had been through Lindon quite a bit :)
Mary and Margaret, the ones who were baptized a few weeks ago wanted me to tell you that i have a mother and a grandma watching over them in Ohio, and it's them. Ha ha and that you need not to worry about me. Ah i love them! They're like my favorite people here ha ha.
That's cool about the missionaries in their ward! It's crazy because the Lord places so much love in your heart for the people you serve, so you really hate to say good bye to them. This last fast and testimony meeting we were able to stand and bear our testimonies and thank the ward for all the that they do for us along with all our ward missionaries! And several others got up and bore their testimonies on missionary work! It was amazing! There was one little girl that almost made me tear up. She got up and said, i know this church is true, i'm thankful for the missionaries and all that they do for us and they help us to be better people. How awesome is that! I love this ward.
Thank you SO much for the card!! I absolutely loved it! We went over to the bike shop down from us and we sat down for a little to cool off, so i decided to open it. Yeah. HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!! ha ha. Oh my gosh i closed it so fast ha ha. It was funny. Every time i listen to that though i can see Dad and James doing that ha ha. Hilarious. Have Nate write me please? And Ashlee too! Ha ha why not? Have them write one letter to me. I need to hear from my brother. Thank her for me for signing the card too :)
Tell G-ma and G-pa that i will send the Taska as soon as i can, i just need to save up enough money for it first. It'll be like 30 bucks ha ha. But i will! Along with a present for her and g-pa too!
Tuesday night we went to bed with tornado sirens blaring and Wednesday we woke up to gunshots outside our apartment. Pretty cool i thought.
My favorite missionary scriptures right now are Jacob 5:71-72,75. And Doctrine and Covenants 18:14-16. Read them!
Well my family, I must go. All is well, i love this gospel with all my heart. My testimony grows day by day. I have never experienced anything like it! I am doing the Lord's work! What could be better?? I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon. I am so grateful for you my wonderful and amazing family. Thank you for all of your love and support you give me! God loves you, and i love you!
-Elder Robinson
P.S. Transfers next week!