Friday, March 30, 2012

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood......

     It's a beautiful day today!! Spring has sprung! The birds are happy! It's conference time! I hope everyone has a great weekend and really enjoys it before the cold weather gets here on Sunday. But it does that every time we have conference. It's Utah. Have a happy week!!

Dear Family,

I do know Elder Smith! I don't know Elder Alger though. Athens was in my last zone, never been there but i know where it is. It's a good area. I think Elder Lamm came out with Elder Smith, so he might know something. I'll see what we can do! Oh man lucky is old! Ha ha just hearing about her makes me laugh. I love her! Do you think she will make it another year? It's funny, i was talking with someone the other day and she mentioned something about packing in a few months to move, then i mentioned how we had a month ha ha. She thinks we're crazy now ;) Yes, BUCKEYES ROCK! Mmmm talk about sugar rush!

Ok so not a whole lot of time today. This week has been a pretty great one! The weather has been crazy! It was up until Friday then it was all stormy and now it's in the 40's. On Friday though it was a tornado watch for Xenia while we were out at a young men's thing. It was headed for Xenia but turned and headed right for where we were, so you can imagine how crazy it was being there. We had like 15 minutes before it was supposed to hit so we ate as fast as we could and got out of there! Ha ha that was probably the most rain I've seen for a long time. It got real windy too. But it never touched down. Thank goodness. I always told myself that i wanted to see a tornado while I'm here in Ohio, but in the moment i didn't. At least i didn't want to be in it. But all in all it was fun!

We are teaching Karrisa now! She was at FHE at the Ridges on Monday. She is awesome! It's nice having a investigator live with members because it makes it a lot easier for them to keep their commitments ha ha. We taught her the 1st lesson and extended a baptism invite and she accepted! It was great for all of us. It's pretty fun teaching her though because she doesn't know a whole lot about religion so he has some great questions. I just love teaching. A teaching missionary is a happy missionary. And that's the truth!

We are serving the ward members here a lot! One of them was quite a miracle. We prayed for our planning the night before to which member we needed to serve in the morning and the 2nd counselor's family's name came up. So the next morning we showed up and Sister Jacobson opened the door in tears and asked for a blessing. She said she had just gotten off her knees asking for help and then the doorbell rang and it was us! Then we did a bunch of yard work that they needed done and then we went on our way. She got up Sunday and bore testimony and shared the experience over the pulpit, as well as sharing it with any one she can talk to. It was a miracle. We had people coming and thanking us for being there for the family and after all the service we have done, we are getting a lot of referrals. We did it so we could help the work, but not just that, because we love these people. It's been amazing! The ward is building so much!

This past week i have been thinking and studying a lot about the Atonement. Oh my gosh. I love Jesus Christ. After really putting it in perspective and realizing really what it means to me and my family and to the people i teach, i just love him. I am SO grateful for his sacrifice. I have studied it before and felt that i understood it, but i'm now trying to connect it with everything i do. Everything i study and teach. It has made everything so much better. I love Him.

Well, looking forward to a great week! We get to teach a whole bunch of old people this week! Woo! It's called a prayer breakfast. A member set it up and basically we have breakfast then teach on Jesus Christ and stuff to like 20 old people. It's going to be awesome! Have a great week! I love you all!! Again sorry for the short letter but i gotta go!

The Church is True!

-Elder Robinson

OH and i got pooped on by a puppy for my year mark! How great is that?! Ha ha!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A year changes things........

       A year changes things a little at a time. You don't see the changes all at once till you look at yourself in the mirror. A year ago I was really unhealthy. I am so much better now, not where I want to be, but so much better!! James was shorter than me last year. Well lets just say he looks down at me now. He likes that he is taller! The grandkids are all getting older and really silly!! I love calling them on their birthdays and singing. We so can't sing and they know it, but we laugh together! The Elder has made it his first year and so have we. The big thing is the stuff in his room is still safe. Lets hope it stays that way ha ha!! So here's to another good year! But I'm hoping for another good day, week, month............     :]

Dear family,

I don't have a whole lot of time today. We are in Yellow springs (a.k.a. hippieville). Ohio is  crazy i love it. It's great to hear all that is going on at home! Man, busy busy! Glad to hear Dad's birthday went well with all the family there. So glad to hear Nate & Ashlee are doing well! I goth a letter from them just the other day. :) Woo you signed up for Ohio! Ok....make Buckeyes. You have to! It's the signature chocolate peanutbutter candy of Ohio. Look it up on google or something. They are real easy to make and SO good!

Ok so, it has been a crazy awesome week! First off, LINDA IS MARRIED!!! Brother Johnson and Linda were married at 1 on Saturday. It's not very often you get to baptize someone then see them get married! Usually it's they have to get married to get baptized! It was the other way around for her! Ha ha! It was amazing though. I couldn't help but smile all the day long. And i will never forget the date because it's the same as Dad's birthday! Oh man. It was such a great day. They loved the picture too and they say thank you!!

This past week we found a lady named Donna. Oh man let me tell you. We love Donna! We went driving and we didn't know where, but were driving, and Elder Lamm decided to head a certain way that we don't ever go. We actually ended up at the bishop's house, and they were in need! We were able to talk with them for a little and get some referrals and give the bishop a blessing. We then knocked their street and found Donna who said we could come back tomorrow. So after the wedding we called and she said that we could come by for 10 minutes and talk, well, we ended up staying for about 40 minutes. We started just talking about church and all sorts and then about Heavenly Father, and how much he loved her. In the middle of this she started crying! That room was full of the spirit! We asked her to describe what she was feeling and she said "full, overwhelming". It was wonderful. We talked more about it and she was feeling the spirit big time. We're going back soon to teach her again. I love being a missionary!

Transfers have come and gone. I made sure i didn't tell Carson this so i could tell you ha ha but i have been called to be a District Leader. Now Mom, don't get too excited it's not that great ha ha. I apparently am now the oldest in the district. Whahh? I'm still young!! But i did pray to learn as much as i can this next transfer. And this is what i got ha ha. Things are great though. All it is is an opportunity to serve more! I'm so excited!

Alright well i am out of time. Sorry for the short letter this week! All is well! I am loving being out here. Being a missionary is so amazing. Tiring, especially when the people below you are arguing into all hours of the night. Ha ha. Geez. But it is so fulfilling. It truly is the best 2 years. No doubt. I love it.

I love you so much my dear family! Have a wonderful week! Share the gospel with someone!!

-Elder Robinson

Thursday, March 15, 2012

    Chet's Mom brought some old pictures with her on her visit. We found this and fell in love with it. We had been married only 2 weeks at the time. We were such babies!! I was 19 and Chet was 24. Wow! It seems like a lifetime ago. So here we are now married for 26 years and dating for 27. Yes, I feel you should always be dating! I am so in love with my husband! He is the most caring and giving man! I am so blessed that he asked me to dance all those years ago! This Saturday is his birthday. In Elder Robinson's letter he says 61, but that is just his humor. Chet is only 51. I am grateful for everyday and every minute I get to share with him! Happy Birthday my Chet!!! Thank you for choosing me!! I love you to eternity and beyond!!!  <3

Dear family,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The big 61! Err i mean....ha ha. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great week!!!!!

Wow that facebook group sounds like a great thing! Tell all them i say hi! Man you're naming off all the elders i know ha ha that is awesome. Ohhh man James has been called to the rival state..Ohio and Michigan hate each other. You better look out ;) it's a good mission though. I've heard great things about the church there. Missionary month, what a great experience! How exciting to be a part of! What mission did you all sign up for?? Or are you allowed to sign up for any..? IS GOING ON A MISSION?! I read that and i couldn't see the look on my face but i'm sure my eyes were bigger than my head. That is SO AMAZING! Way to be Madi!!! She is going to be such a GREAT missionary! She will do great things.

This week has just been awesome. I love love love being a missionary. AHHHH. This past week we didn't have the car because it was in the shop, so we did a looottt of walkin. It was great though. Thursday was pretty bad though ha ha it rained and rained and rained. And we knocked and knocked and knocked. Ha ha. We got into 1 house in 4 hours. It was fun though. We were so soaked and cold, that we really didn't care, on the way home we splashed in all the puddles! Was it childish? Maybe...but it was fun :) That was basically the story of the whole week. We've been working really hard to find new people to teach. Tracting and visiting part members every day all day. It's amazing being out talking with so many people but man is it hard. But it pays off!! Yesterday we found a man named Dwight who is so cool. He's been looking for a new church for him and his family and wants to change. We'll be having a chapel tour with him this Thursday. 

Last night we went over to the Ridges, a less active family we have been pushing to get to church and the temple and it's been hard but there has been such a huge difference in their home!! Plus a non-member friend moved in and last night we went over and the daughter talked us up and the church and by the time the night was done she asked if we could give her the lessons. We had to be home then but we are going back tonight to teach her and the family!!! I know it is because we have been obedient and have been working hard that we found them. There is no other way we could have. I am just so happy. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!!!

Big news......LINDA IS GETTING MARRIED ON SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHH!!!!!!! Yep Dad's birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're giving them the picture of the temple you sent that day :) i thought i should have waited and i'm glad i did. Gosh we are all so excited though!!!!!! Actually we're all kind of freaking out ha ha. She is a miracle. I am so grateful i was able to teach her and bring her into the Gospel. I love this. AHHHH ha ha i am just SOOO happy!!

Oh and transfers are this week....i'll let you know what happens!!

I love you all!! Have a great week! I know with out a doubt that this is the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Missionary work is the BEST! I love these people. It's so fun to see others testimonies grow. There's just nothing else like it.

Friday, March 9, 2012

We Added One More..........

     Yes, we survived the craziness that weddings bring! We still have a few things to take back to friends, but other than that I just need a nap! We are very grateful for the help from family and our ward family! We then had so much fun with just sitting around giggling! I suggest that everyone do it! Family is so important and being together is great! Even Elder Robinson was excited for this wedding! It was a little weird not having him here, but I am so grateful for his service I wouldn't want him anywhere else!! I am now looking forward to Chet's birthday next week!! Bring on more celebrating!!!  

Dear now bigger family,

WELCOME TO THE FAMILY ASHLEE!!!!!!!! If you haven't realized it now, then i should probably tell you, you are a part of one strange family. We're all weirdos! But we all love you and are so glad to have you a part of the family :) CONGRATS!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIV!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! The big 11!!

Wow what a week. I was talking to everyone how my brother was getting married ha ha. How exciting! The start of a great life! It sounds like it was just one big party ha ha sheesh. How awesome. Tell Jamesy that i love him. He's a goober. I've been using that word a lot. Goober.

Alright, so on to the week! Yes, Elder Bednar visited! And Elder Murray of the 70! Wow i haven't quite experienced anything like that. We had to all drive up to New Albany, which is up in Columbus. It was about a 2 hour drive for us. But for the Elders and Sisters down in Kentucky it was a lot longer. It was a nice drive though. We went the back way to save miles and it was great. Got to drive back through downtown Columbus! It was nice to see a familiar place. When we got there we had about 30 minutes until he arrived so we all sat in the chapel reading scriptures and things just kinda waiting....for a living apostle...ha ha. Talk about excitement and butterflies. When he walked in we all stood in silence and wow....he looks older in person. Ha ha. But the spirit was very strong. It was so great. For 3 hours he brought a definite fire! His perfect knowledge is incredible. We all learned so much. It was basically a Q&A with him. A living Apostle. So you can imagine the type of questions that were asked and the answers that were given. AMAZING. It was such a spiritual confirming experience. I know that God lives and that His Son lives and works through his prophets. Oh and no picture :( but that's ok. He said at the end, " I would now like all of you to come shake our hands so we can look into your eyes." Ha ha so i was able to shake both their hands and look into their eyes :) Yeauh!!

This past week has been so faith centered. I don't think i have had a week where I have grown so much! Elder Bednar with the talks he gave us to study and the things that were said in the meeting has helped me so much. I've been trying so hard to just do things. Well mostly, the hard things. That's kind of President Nilsen's motto, "Do the hard things." My experience on this has been, the more i do the hard things, the stronger my faith becomes. It's been so cool. I have been put in so many situations not knowing what to do or say, but just opening my mouth and doing what i know i need to do and what i know is right, has been amazing. My mouth has been filled. I open it and words come out and they always end up being the right things! Even if i don't know what i said. Ha ha. And focusing on what needs to happen and then taking those steps, no matter what they are, to make it happen, has made so many situations work out. It all works out when you just trust in him and do what is right. Have faith that he knows what you are feeling and he isn't requiring that you do this alone, so he will help these things work. It is absolute truth. So, my motto has been, JUST DO IT! Ha ha. Which is also a sticker i have on the back of my missionary tag.

Alex finally made it to church! Because of his health he hasn't been able to make it, but yesterday he came! It was so fun. And stressful ha ha. It's always stressful having an investigator at church. He actually during the sacrament, got up and bore his testimony!!!! How awesome is that! He walks with a cane right now, and was a little nervous, so he asked for me to walk up with him. It was awesome! Alex just rocks. He is so solid. He is just one big miracle ha ha. Seriously though it is a complete miracle that he is here. It was good to see him at the pulpit :)

Well, i've got to get going now. But i am doing great out here. The weather is nuts! 70 one day, and freezing wind and tornados on others ha ha. We're great though. Just a lot of rain and some very strong winds ha ha. It's been fun. I love you all!!! What love the mission brings out of ya ha ha. Wow i love my family. I know the gospel is true! I know that Jesus Christ lives! Keep reading the scriptures! I just finished reading the Book of Mormon! Woo! I love it! Share the gospel with some one this week. It is the BEST.

I love you!

-Elder Robinson