Monday, June 27, 2011

Stop to Listen.............

Yesterday was a day to remember to listen. I listened at church. There where many great examples around me that I was able to see and hear because I listened. I listened at home. The sound of an epic water fight between James and Nate was priceless. I listened to Sis. Coulter who posted on Facebook that she made brownies that made Chrys feel like home. I listened to Chrys and his letter as he talks of his service to others and his happiness. Yes, I stopped and listened........

Dear family,
I love you all! I love the letters. So many exciting stuff happening at home! I really am so so excited for Ryan and Stephen. That is the coolest. I didn't realize Stephen was that old! Ha ha! Well i gotta say, Dallas has some big shoes to fill! Ha ha totally joking. That is way cool. I'm glad he is ok! So you had your friend over ya? How was it? Did you mention that Ohio is the GREATEST mission on earth?? Well if you did then do it again ha ha. Good idea on not letting him meet the new President, there's nothing like the warm welcome in that airport from your loving president. He's pretty much your dad out here ha ha. Sis Endicott almost passed out? Oh no! Good thing you were there to help her. Speaking of the Coulters....Sister Coulter made me some of your brownies last night. Yum! Ha ha it sent me home for a little. Oh my Lucky! My favorite dog. I love that girl.
This last week was awesome, Tuesday there was a monster storm and we got caught in it ha ha. When it storms here, it STORMS. I looove it. We were so soaked we had to go home and change. Even my waterproof shoes were soaked. After that went over to a Jehovah's Witnesses apartment just a few down from ours. It turned out to be a complete Bible bash. My first one! Ha ha. He had his whole family backing him up with all these books and such. It was crazy. Sad though. He was really nice, but not open at all.
We were out and about the other day and saw a guy sittin on a tree stump, so we went to talk to him and he said, "You don't want to come over here guys." So we're like why? And he said, "Because i'm smokin weed." Yep. Ha ha. Smokin weed. Got a return appointment though ha ha! He's actually a way nice guy.
We had out last Specialized Training with President Jensen, it was SO amazing. It was hard though, it's cool the relationship you have with your President. I only saw him like 10 times while being out here but I have the up most respect and love for him. And I receive all the same back from him! The mission will miss him. But we're all so stoked for President Nilsen! It's going to be awesome.
I forgot to mention this but we went on splits with a guy in our ward Brother Converse, who we later found out was companions with John Heder on his mission ha ha! And went to BYU with him when he started his acting career. They still keep in tough and stuff. How cool is that??
We are going to work with the new President on getting us out to visit Francis while he is in jail. That willbe cool! I don't know if we will be able to but we will see.
The Westra's Book of Mormon is now with a man we started teaching named David. Great guy!
Oh! We have another person on date! July 23rd. Named Sabrina. Sabrina's mom just died not too long ago and the less active, Deisha, who is living with her was best friends with Sabrina's mom. So the Deisha's mom works in the temple and told her that she needed to Sabrina's permission to do her mom's temple work because she is reaching out to her on the other side of the veil. I hope i explained that ok ha ha. But she called us and wanted to meet and talk about what work her mom wanted done. So as we met she felt the spirit and she now wants to be baptized so she can do her mom's temple work! The coolest thing ever! Ah i love it.
Transfers are on the 14th i think. I can't exactly remember ha ha. This Transfer is a 7 week transfer instead of 6 because of the new President and everything. And the next will be a 5 week transfer. So for now since i don't know if i will be staying or not, send all letters and whatnot it to the mission home address.
On monday we had a huge Nerf Gun war at the church ha ha! You should have seen me! All that practice at home came in handy! I have been walkin funny and i'm all bruised because of it ha ha. So cool.
We have been working crazy hard here! I literally look like i've been punched in both eyes because i don't sleep enough for the amount of work we are doing. A member actually asked if Elder Long had punched me ha ha! It's great though! My old District Leader had the same thing. The work is really picking up and getting better and better! I LOVE IT!!
Oh and yes, my card isn't working. I don't know why...but yeah. My bike has seen better days ha ha got a pretty good flat tire the other day and i have to buy a new inner-tube. Cool! Oh I decided to send Nate's B-day card and Dad's Father's day card in with a package and some presents for you guys. It'll take a little while to get the things for it but i will get it all out you you :) I love you guys! The best thing about being on a mission is the fact that everything you do is based around other people. You are serving others all day every day. It makes me so happy! I know this gospel is true. With out a doubt in my mind.
I love you all! Be good!
-Elder Chrys Robinson

Monday, June 20, 2011

Words from Elder Carrey ha ha.............

When Chrys was 5, I had been off medicine for a few years and had another seizure. I was on the phone with Chet's Mom and fell back on the bed. Chrys thought I was playing till he saw some blood coming from my mouth because I bit my tongue. He knew he couldn't call on the phone so he went across the street and got my neighbor Laurie who was always there for us. She called 911 and waited for Chet and the paramedics to arrive. Chrys knew everything would be ok. He was calm through the whole thing. He was my hero that day. So in his letter when he talks about this, it was March 14, 1996. It brought tears to my eyes. I hugged him tight when I came to and realized that he had taken care of me. The spirit does work in amazing ways!!!

Dear family,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATE!!!!! A birthday card will be on the way.

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY YESTERDAY DAD! A card is also on the way for you.

Wow! Sounds like a crazy week at the Robinson's! That's so awesome though. I'm glad everyone is having fun and i can assure you that i am as well! Yes! I got grandma's letter, i love it! I saw the pictures first and was like wait who's getting baptized? Then i read the letter ha ha ahh that is so amazing. Way to go Nick! Ha ha Sadie did Livvy's and Cami's hair? That's sweet! Mom, you're cool, feathers or not! Your friend got to see the President? No way! That's so cool! Yeah the whole mission is pretty stoked for him to arrive. We've been preparing. Tell your friend's son that it's not the Ohio, Columbus Mission here....It's The GREAT Ohio, Columbus Mission. Ha ha. It's the best mission. I haven't gotten anything from Connie..maybe it just hasn't came yet? I would love to hear from her! Poor Dallas...Prayers are being said. I am so glad that Papa Jay and Cheryl are doing well! I've been praying a lot for them.

This week.....We had a baptism! So awesome! 87 years old and didn't even plug her nose ha ha! I spoke at it, pretty good. It was weird, i couldn't read ha ha. I started and every time i looked at my paper it was blurry, so i just went by spirit ha ha. It was on the Holy Ghost. It went very well. I actually shared my experience i had with mom's seizure...strange that i did but it seemed to me that it wasn't just me that was sent to get Laurie...or else why would i mention it? The spirit was so strong. It was great.

Turns out that Francis is in jail for 90 days instead of 30. Sad. But we're sending letters, a triple combination, and the missionaries in his area to him. So it's all good.

We have someone else on date! July 28th. In the first lesson too! Andrew, he's 19 and he looks like he's 25 or 26 ha ha. He has tattoos all over and what not, but he wants to turn his life around. It's so cool that i am able to be a part of this.

We're teaching a Jehova's Witness. Pretty cool. Their doctrine is confusing ha ha. But he has a lot of questions we can answer so it's cool. There is a lot of Jehova's Witnesses here, really nice people!

We went on exchanges on wednesday with my district leader, Elder Rose from Lehi. Awesome day!! And That night we went fire-fly catching. We caught about 30 and took them to the apartment where they later got out and went all over our ceiling. Oh my gosh.........I never thought i would see a lightning bug. They are the coolest thing. The just started coming out this last week. It makes Ohio all magical looking! Ha ha!

I received a big box of Books of Mormon! So awesome when i opened it! I almost cried! All the left over B.O.M.s from missionary month. I already handed out the Cole's family to a boy names Caleb who has just gained a testimony. And i now have the Westra's in my back pack :) THANK YOU LINDON 13th WARD!!!!!!

Speaking of back taska broke. Well, the little metal hook that connects the strap to the pack itself. Talk to Mr. Mac about it maybe? I'm using my Ful backpack right now. card from home says it's lost or stolen? I had to use my missionary fund to buy some bike parts...which isn't the greatest thing to do. Could you look into that?

Ohio is Wonderful, It really is the greatest place to serve a mission. I am so grateful to be out here learning and serving. Oh and did i tell you that i LOVE studying? Yeah, i bet you never thought you'd hear me say that ha ha. I love it though, because i now know how to! I have many cool videos for all of you. One of the lightning bug craze, and some of a 20 ft fire :)

This church is true. The Priesthood is real, and the power is real. I am so grateful for this Gospel and the knowledge i have, and that i have the privilege to bring it to those who are in need of it. I know Joseph Smith is a prophet that was called by God to restore this church. I was told a little bit ago by a temple president that i am here to build Ohio back up to what it once was. Ah. What a task! Ha ha. I love you guys. You are all the best. I couldn't have a better family! Keep staying awesome! I'm sorry i can't email everyone back, i'm out of time! I love you all though.


Elder Robinson. Or as EVERYONE likes to call me, Elder Carrey.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Faith and Chrys now eats salad............ :]

Faith......such a small word. It has so much meaning. I have faith that Heavenly Father will keep my son safe while he is on his mission. I get to talk to him 2 times a year. I get to write to him as often as I want. He has wonderful friends in Ohio on Facebook that send "love notes" back and forth. He sends his SD cards with his pictures to see his adventures. I don't get to hug him. I don't get to run my fingers through his carpet head. I don't get to dance and sing to our favorite songs with him. But I do know he is where he is to meant to be. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family. Sometimes the love is so strong in my heart I think I will just burst!! Yes Faith is a wonderful word!!

Dear Family,
I'm so glad to hear all is well in Utah. Mom, you are amazing. I remember sister Bagley one time telling me how she loves how much I love my mom, and how much i show it! Well it's true, I love my mom. And why not show it? I love you mom!
Yes, i am eating salad, ha ha! Weird huh? I eat it all the time now! I forgot i told the Coulters to tell you ha ha. Oh good you accepted Jon Browning! Yeah he was on there when i was at his house and i told him to add me, so he did! Awesome! He goes out on exchanges with us about twice a week and is putting his papers in. His family is so cool too, they do a lot for us. They're actually going to be in Utah this upcoming week ha ha. Oh and i didn't get Trent's letter! Not the one where he says he has a baptism. At least i don't think i did. That's so righteous! Ha ha he is awesome. Chet Michael and the family is gonna be there this week?? That's cool! Did they get my letters? Nate will be 25?! WHAT? Holy moly. When did that happen. He is ooollddd ha ha. Tell him to write me ya? Ooo speaking of sunsets, Ohio sunsets rock. It's an amazing sight every day. I don't know why they are so crazy and awesome looking here, but they are sweet.
Dad+pee on his shirt=funny. Bah!
Ok, what a week it's been. Let me pull out my list......ha ha.
It definitely has been awesome. The work is progressing. We have been doing A LOT of finding. And it paid off! We had 6 return appointments this week. 4 of which from saturday. That was a good day. And now to all that has happened this last couple days: in jail. Yeah it sucks. But he called last week actually right after i sent my email and said a goodbye. But only for 30 days. It's sad. But good also because after this he should be done with everything and can be baptized. He's an awesome guy! Plus one of our members is going to find out where he is at and if it's in county in our area, then we can go visit! Ha ha cool huh? If not then we'll just send him a letter or something.
A recent convert's sister died yesterday. Bro Gibbin's funeral was on wednesday. An elder in our district was ET'd on saturday, which means he was emergency transfered. A lady that has been investigating the church for over a year got fed a bunch of anti things from her unlcle and now won't be baptized. Her husband who was a less active became active for this past year and now is kinda becoming less active and won't talk to anyone. And we got sworn at more than any other week we've had. Ha ha. Awesome right? But now because we kept at it and worked hard, this week is going to be so amazing. We have a baptism! And a movie night, Joseph Smith: the Prophet of the Restoration for our investigators right after. We have so many appointments and we're going to invite a family to be baptized. We're really feeling the Lord in this work. I mean he literally is involved in every little thing we do. It's so cool. I feel so incredibly blessed! I love this work. I am so happy to be a part of it. My testimony of the Book of Mormon has grown so much. I know it is true. I love helping others grow in this gospel, it's the best thing in the whole world.
Next week is Father's day! I will be sending a good e-mail on monday. And Nate's birthday! Cool! Well i love you all so much, i have no time to write anyone back :(
I love you all so much. Thank you for everything you do for me. Keep being awesome!
-Elder Robinson

Monday, June 6, 2011

A True Missionary Mom........

We have the best example of a True Missionary Mom in our ward. Her son has been home for a while now, but she still writes to all the missionaries in the ward. We have 12 missionaries with 4 more going out by September. She WRITES to ALL of them!! She is amazing!!! They write her and send her things. She is not their Mom, but I think she is truly the best example of a Missionary Mom!!

Dear family,
I really don't know what to say in this letter, after what happened with dad. It seems to me that the bishop is talking about what will happen, my companion and i are working hard! I promise! But i am doing it because i want to, not because we are told to.
The bishop is an amazing man. He's going to be a General Authority i know it ha ha.
Well, this past week was hard for me also. Going out and finding that person who needs the gospel is hard. Of course, having the Lord on your side makes it a billion times easier. We only had maybe 4 set appointments this last week, all the rest of the time was out contacting and finding and trying to get some return appointments. It was rough, but i think it paid off.
We had someone commit to baptism, so cool! June 18th. She is 87! Mary, the baptism from a few weeks ago, her mom had been sitting in on the lessons but said she was too old to be baptized. We couldn't be too pushy with her, so we encouraged all the family to talk with her and encourage her. We pretty much stepped completely out of the picture. And sure enough, the spirit got to her! Her daughter spoke with her one night about it and after went in her room. About an hour later came out and said,"Ok, i can do it on the 18th or the 25th." Ahh it was awesome!
Francis' sentencing date is tomorrow, a little nervous. But he told us that he knows in his heart that he is ready to be baptized, and that no matter what he will be. I love that guy.
Another successful Preach my gospel class yesterday! We started practicing, it reminds me so much of the MTC ha ha. I love being the teacher this time ha ha.
There's another missionary here from the Lindon Stake! I think he said he was in the 11th ward? I can't remember. But he just got here a little over a week ago. As soon as i heard that he was from Lindon i tracked him down and gave him a big hug ha ha.
I've almost been hit while on my bike about 4 times now, people like to for some reason swerve towards the missionaries, it's not exactly the funnest thing in the world. Ha ha.
Well, i don't really have much else to say. At least i can't remember anything that i was going to say ha ha. Except for this gospel is true. I am so grateful to be a part of it, and to be a part of this marvelous work! Ohio is wonderful. I love being a missionary.
I love you family, you are all so amazing. Stay true blue through and through.
-Elder Chrys Robinson