Sunday, March 3, 2013

A week without media...

     I did it! I went one week with out media! I still need to get on fb and check it. Just a minute........Well hello it's been busy on fb!! That will take me a while to get through all those notices! For not being on there  sure was a lot of things happening! I have to say I did like not having tv, games, fb, or anything of media other than email. I chose my email for the Elder and YW. Then one night I so wanted to just watch tv. We put on church videos. I worked on my personal progress which was actually really great! I organized things that needed to be done before the Elder gets home. It really was a peaceful week. We are going to look at what media we want in our lives. It's time for a change. We actually felt more in tune with  the Elder and when he will come home since he has been media free for 2 years. On for a new challenge!!

Dear family,

Glad to hear that everything is good at home! No media for week huh? Piece of cake. ha ha. Sounds fun though! And i didn't know that Emily Barrington was going on a mission!! That is so awesome! Seems like everyone is serving these days!

Well this past week was so good. Probably the craziest ever! But SO good. It seemed to start out fine, we had a lesson set up for Tuesday night with A and T to finish up the lessons and prepare them for the baptism interview on Wednesday. As we were at dinner at one of the translator's house we got a call from them 30 minutes before the lesson telling us they had to cancel. Arlette found out 2 weeks ago that she was pregnant and she found out Tuesday morning that she had lost the baby. What a rough call that was. So the member we were with took us over to drop off some food and see if there was anything we could do. As we talked with Arlette, she said "It's ok. It is the Lord's will and we will move forward." She has so much faith. What an example she is to me. So we had to push back the interview until Friday and we moved the lesson to Wednesday and Thursday. It was stressful getting everything in and making sure that they were prepared, but it all worked out. With the Lord's help, they were baptized! It was such a sweet experience. The whole service was in french, and the spirit was strong! I just feel so grateful to have been there to teach them and help them make this covenant. The ward has done a great job in taking them in, and you can just feel how much love everyone has for them. Oh and just a side note- Brother J, the member that baptized and confirmed them, served his mission in France and was never able to baptize anyone in his 2 years. The Bishop got up in the baptismal service and said,"I received revelation that Brother J was supposed to baptize them. A and T are a blessing to him as a result of those 2 years of service." It was awesome. It was just too cool to be a part of.

Well to be honest, most of our week was centered around them and all the craziness, so that is my email! ha ha. It was just amazing. It's crazy how fast these 2 years are coming to a close, but man am i grateful i chose to be here. I love this place. I love being a missionary. It is hard, but it is the best. I love the Book of Mormon. I love my Savior and i know that He lives. I am look forward to the next few weeks and to a lifetime of service!

I love you all!

-Elder Chrys Robinson

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